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Panintelligence’s first sales training session labelled a success

On the 5th December 2017, we welcomed a group of our partners to a Selling at a Higher Level Training course. This was an Advanced Sales Development Workshop which we ran in partnership with durhamlane, the acclaimed sales performance specialist.

We attended this course ourselves earlier in the year and we felt it really worked for us. We wanted to share this game-changing consultative approach with our partners, to enable them to make a measurable difference to their sales performance and give them some top tips and advice on selling Panintelligence and how we differentiate ourselves versus competitors.

The cost to attend was £250, suiting people of all levels of experience, and ran from 10am – 4pm. We were really pleased with the brilliant turnout we managed to achieve.

The day’s agenda

After we’d encouraged all the attendees to get to know each other a little better over a coffee, we handed over to durhamlane. This is how the full day’s events panned out:

  • An introduction to durhamlane’s sales methodology
  • Why people buy and why they buy from you
  • Prospecting techniques that really work
  • Understanding the power of questions and qualification
  • Identifying business pain
  • Developing a sales proposition based on value
  • Uncovering a BI opportunity

How did our partners rate the day?

As with every event or training session we organise, we collect feedback from our attendees to understand what went well, and how we can improve next time. Here are some highlights we’d love to share with you:

“Very useful content with a good level of detail. I took a lot away!”
David Smith, Tribal Group

“The course was great – very informative and salesy. The trainer was great, the course was paced well, and I took away some great nuggets of information.”
Jas Kaur, Advantage Services

“Good sessions; all useful in reviewing my own view of sales. I took away a lot of new information and ideas.”
Trevor Eeles, Tribal Group

Future training sessions

As December’s sales training day was deemed a success all round, we’re delighted to announce that Panintelligence will be running similar sessions in 2018.

Throughout Q1, beginning in January, we’ll be offering our partners the chance to attend a sales training day here at Panintelligence HQ. We plan to run these sessions every other month, so there will be more than one chance to grab a spot on the course.

Please get in touch with us to request more information and enquire about specific dates, or visit here to view our current dates for technical training, where we invite our partners to get hands-on with the software and improve their confidence in using it.

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