Pi Planet & hack night: Doing our bit for the environment

Here at Panintelligence HQ, we’re committed to helping to prevent climate change and reducing our carbon footprint.

And to ensure that we’re all doing our bit for the planet, we’ve founded a group of representatives from each team within the business to create something of an environmental charter which we all live our green lives by.

panintelligence hackathon

Forming Pi Planet

Headed up by our Tesla-driving CTO, Ken, Pi Planet will meet once per month to discuss ways to ensure the office and its staff are doing their utmost to reduce Panintelligence’s carbon footprint as a collective team.

Although we’ve only had our first couple of meetings, there are already some great ideas being shared, some which have already been put into action:

  • We have switched to a carbon-friendly electricity supplier, and we’re ultimately aiming for the PAS 2060 certificate.
  • We’re looking into Leeds Council’s EV scheme, which would allow us to hire electric cars and get charging points set up at our offices.
  • We’re bringing in better recycling bins so we can separate waste better and recycle everything we possibly can.
  • We’re installing a boiling water tap in the kitchen to help cut down on kettle usage.
  • We’ve started to buy eco cleaning products and dishwasher tablets.
  • We’re getting a smart meter installed and we’ll connect it to our Pi Dashboard to monitor energy usage on the TV screens around the office.

pi hackathon

Panintelligence hack night

The first of our monthly hack nights occurred last week, as we invited people from all over the business to get involved – not just our technical teams.

The newly-created hack team got to grips with Raspberry Pi boards, with help from those who had used them before.

Everyone got coding, we had boards communicating with each other over radio, we had LEDs showing smiley or sad faces depending on how many tickets we had in Zendesk, and boards playing tunes.

While the first session may have been something of an introduction, the aim is for us is to build sensors to monitor energy usage around the office, in line with our green ambitions.

So, consider this blog post a part of a series!