Practice what you preach – Dashboard Software

As a business intelligence provider, our BI dashboard software is proving invaluable to a broad range of OEM partners, and in turn they have delivered value added services to their customers.

Many of these organisations also use the dashboard internally to improve service delivery and provide them with a top level view of their entire business.

At Panintelligence we believe business intelligence software can make a significant difference to any organisation and we actively use our own software across a number of different departments.

The Panintelligence application is constantly being enhanced and our development team use the dashboard software to monitor all their work.

A series of interactive charts show all ongoing work and these drill out to a testing and development tool which contains the underlying detail.

At a glance the dashboard allows them to see what stage all of the work is at, who is responsible and look at a historic view of all previous development.

Proactive monitoring

Our dashboard software operates on an annual license and the finance and admin team use the dashboard to monitor revenue, feed this information into the company balance sheet, and send reminders to customers when their license is due to expire.

An alert is automatically triggered when a license is coming up for renewal, providing the finance team with the most up to date information at all times.

Across the year the marketing team attend a number of events and carry out a range of campaigns across different media. They need to accurately measure and analyse the success of each campaign to inform future activity.

The KPI dashboard connects to our CMS system which enables the marketing department to monitor all leads, as well as identify where they are coming from.

Better informed decisions

All employees in the company monitor their time against different projects via a time recording and projects management application which connects to the dashboard.

This allows senior managers to monitor ongoing costs, analyse employee time against projects, and manage resources using accurate data.

All of these different charts are available on one dashboard which allows the Managing Director to have a holistic view of the whole business in one place.