Premfina delivers real-time BI insights to insurance brokers via dashboard

Tactica Premium Finance (Premfina) provides a SaaS solution that allows insurance brokers to set up their own branded Premium Finance service. The service allows brokers to quote and administer premium finance themselves, without having to pass the customer on to a specialist. As a result the brokers benefit from improved customer retention and increased profitability.

The adoption of the Panintelligence dashboard delivered over the web provides Tactica’s customers with a real time management information console that communicates key business activities such as new business, arrears and collections and profit and loss in a highly visual format. Through drill down and collaboration the brokers can get to the detailed information behind the charts allowing them to take quick corrective action where necessary or to instigate further investigation.

Graham Holdaway Tactica’s CEO states, “We are delighted to be able to offer our customers the benefits that come from the dashboard. It is a great complement to our own software and service and has proved a very useful tool when demonstrating to new prospects.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the dashboard for adoption by other software authors. It is very powerful, easy to install and they are a great company to work with” Mike Cripps, Finance Director of Panintelligence states, “Tactica have a unique market proposition that exploits the power of a SaaS solution delivered over the internet.

The dashboard is ideally suited to SaaS offerings as it provides a very feature rich Business Intelligence tool that can be delivered via a browser“

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Written by Zandra

Zandra is the co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence. She not only drives the product and the Sales Team forward but is also instrumental in evolving the innovative culture of Panintelligence. When Zandra isn’t in the office she can be found with her family, as well as painting, running, and leading her Leeds Lean in Ladies Circle. Basically, she never stops.