Price Bailey, award-winning Accountancy and Advisory firm partners with Panintelligence

We're delighted that accountancy and consulting firm Price Bailey has joined the Panintelligence Reseller Community. Price Bailey is an accredited Sage 200 Business Partner and has won awards for the quality of advice they give. Their clients, who could be businesses or individuals dictate the services they provide. Many of these existing and new clients have a need for better reporting across a range of software packages including Sage 200. This is where our business intelligence software for Sage can help.

Although Price Bailey has international reach through partners, many of their clients are owner and family managed businesses, who appreciate their open, honest and responsive approach. The similarity to us in their approach to customer relations is one of the reasons we were keen to partner with them.

Price Bailey believe that helping their clients grow a sustainable and prosperous business is beneficial for both parties. The Panintelligence dashboard for Sage allows them to add value with a simple reporting tool, which will delight existing customers and attract new ones. They put customers at the heart of their strategy and everything they do.

Access to real-time data locked away in Sage and other business systems, helps companies make the right decisions. It's a positive step forward for customers. Our online demo environment Try Pi, allows them to put the Sage reporting experience in the hands of their customers wherever they are, on any device.

Like Panintelligence, Price Bailey is focused on the long term, so we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership, which puts data visualisation for Sage end-users at centre stage.

Watch the company overview video below to learn more about Price Bailey or visit their website.