Richard Torr makes his debut at the Panintelligence Sage Partner Event

Richard Torr, Sales Director at Electronic Business Systems will be headlining at the Panintelligence Sage Event this Thursday, 30th June. He will be sharing his experience of using the Panintelligence dashboard for Sage and describe the hugely positive impact the dashboard has had in helping the entire EBS team to get fantastic visibility of critical business measures across key areas of their business. Here are just a few of the key benefits of using the Sage dashboard which Richard will be talking about on the day:

  • Better communication across all departments
  • Healthy competition within the sales team
  • Customer service improvements
  • Timely contract renewals
  • Quicker response on support calls

We're all looking forward to hearing from this innovative Sage Business Partner and learning exactly how the Panintelligence dashboard has helped the EBS team keep track of key performance measures within their business to improve customer service and drive their business forward.

"Panintelligence has become a vital tool in our business, utilised across all departments to improve performance levels and allowing us to deliver the best customer service possible."

If you haven't registered for the Panintelligence Sage Partner Event yet, we invite all our Sage Business Partners to hurry and register today. Don't miss out hearing about the launch of the Sage mobile dashboard at what will be an extremely useful and insightful day carefully tailored to the needs of our Sage Partners.

Panintelligence Sage Business Partner Event

Thursday 30th June | 9-4pm | Leeds

We’re pleased to invite you to our first dedicated event for Sage Business Partners. We’ll be showcasing our new mobile Dashboard for Sage, bringing you the latest on Sage 200 from Danny Broxup, Product Owner at Sage UK, and presenting an internal use case of the Panintelligence for Sage Dashboard from Richard Torr at EBS. You’ll get your own mobile demo environment to take away. Don't miss out, make sure you can join us on the day.

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