Best Practice

Sage 200 Reporting Made Simple

Sage accounting software, such as Sage 200, integrates with a comprehensive range of modules, offered via the Sage Developers’ Programme, allowing businesses to configure the software to suit their requirements.

However, producing comprehensive and timely reports on all information held in Sage 200 can prove challenging.

Common Sage 200 reporting questions include:

  • How do I report on information from across multiple companies in our business?
  • How do I schedule or automate reports in my business?
  • How do I report on information from all systems in one place?
  • How do I view information from all fields from across Sage 200 and Sage Additions?
  • How do I provide secure access to users inside and outside the organisation?

Access all of your data in one place

Panintelligence’s BI software can bring together data held in Sage 200 from different companies and present it visually as a set of interactive charts on a dashboard.

The dashboard software can produce reports on data fields from all modules in Sage 200, regardless of whether it’s part of the core Sage 200 offering or an add-on module.

Each tab can connect to data from a different company, or different systems, allowing you to report on all areas in one place.

The charts can show information in real-time, so that you can analyse the latest information and make informed decisions.

Automate and schedule reports

Panintelligence’s software gives you the ability to schedule reports so that relevant users receive appropriate information on a regular basis.

It can also monitor KPIs, and if they fall above or below acceptable levels, the software will automatically alert users via email.

Secure access for users

The dashboard has several user levels with multiple privileges which give you the ability to restrict access to data held in different areas, tailoring each user’s report.

With multiple layers of built-in security, key stakeholders, both inside and outside the business, can be kept in the picture at all times.