Skybet and Panintelligence create Leeds Lean

Skybet and Panintelligence have teamed up to create Leeds Lean, a monthly invite only meeting for participants from a group of local companies to brainstorm ideas about better working practices. Leeds Lean is based on Lean Coffee, a structured but agenda-less approach to meetings first started in Seattle in 2009. Starting in July, individuals from Leeds-based companies will meet on the first Tuesday of every month, to talk in a directed and productive manner with an agenda that is democratically generated by attending members. Topics of interest can be anything of interest to the members or they may follow a theme. This unique approach to meeting will bring together contacts from businesses who wouldn’t normally interact with one another and allow them to discuss ideas in a relaxed and open environment.

Leeds Lean is designed to generate ideas in a free space and get people thinking creatively while working with like-minded people across the local community. The first Leeds Lean will take place on Tuesday 1st July at Skybet’s offices and the following month at Callcredit’s Leeds offices. Skybet is the sports betting division of Sky Betting and Gaming, and a subsidiary of BskyB, which is based in Leeds. Panintelligence is a Leeds based software company that delivers business intelligence software to customers across a range of industries in the UK.