Super League World Champions set to benefit from Panintelligence

The 2012 Super League and World Club Champions Leeds Rhinos are set to deploy the Panintelligence dashboard to help them provide more insightful analysis on the performance of their own players and that of their opponents. The objective of the analysis is to improve the Rhinos individual and team performance as well as identifying key opposition trends and their players individual strengths and weaknesses to gain tactical advantage.

Mike Cripps from Panintelligence said “I have supported the Rhinos for over 20 years, and I also have corporate links with Leeds Rugby as Pancredit have sponsored Jamie Peacock every year since his arrival from Bradford Bulls in 2006. Anyone lucky enough to have been a Rhinos supporter over the last decade will have seen arguably the best Leeds side ever, and the club has emerged as the dominant force in the Super League era.

Through our sponsorship of Jamie I have had the opportunity to get closer to the inner workings of the club and I am sure that the performances on the field stems from the leadership and vision shown, along with a fantastic buy in to the positive club philosophy and culture that seems to permeate the whole organisation.

I believe they are very forward looking as a club which is a key ingredient of their success and I am not surprised that they are keen to embrace new technologies if they think they will gain an advantage from doing so.” Mike went on to say “It is apparent that statistical analysis is becoming increasingly important in all professional sports as a means of gaining competitive advantage, and the deployment of the dashboard will make it much easier to navigate the reams of static data that is currently available to the coaches.

It will allow trends and patterns to be easily identified and with the ability to instantly slice and dice the data and to do any number of ad hoc queries the coaches should have all the key information they need to optimise their team tactics and game plan.”

Giles Lindsay, Head of Analysis and Operational Development at Leeds Rugby, added “There has never been a time where so much data has been available to Super League teams. Small percentages are frequently spoken about as being the difference between winning and losing and we are constantly striving to gain an edge in every aspect of our operation to find that “extra percent”.

Analytics has emerged as an area that can have a huge impact on performance. In order for us to identify truly significant ‘game changing information’ from our data it is critical we employ the most effective tools and methods to give the team, coaches & players that edge over the rest of the competition.

The Panintelligence dashboard allows us to effectively mine our data silos to find the key information that will have a huge impact on specific game plans, match preparation, and training.”

Mike concluded “I am delighted that the Leeds Rhinos coaches will be using the dashboard and I am sure that it will prove to be of benefit. They are a very successful club both on and off the field, and one that I am proud to be associated with as a fan, as a sponsor, and now as a supplier.”

Written by Zandra

Zandra is the co-founder and CEO of Panintelligence. She not only drives the product and the Sales Team forward but is also instrumental in evolving the innovative culture of Panintelligence. When Zandra isn’t in the office she can be found with her family, as well as painting, running, and leading her Leeds Lean in Ladies Circle. Basically, she never stops.