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The World Thinks Like a Software Company

In an uber-exciting and rapidly changing world of software development, how do we create competitive advantage?

This quote from TechCrunch, paints the digital revolution pretty well:

"It’s easy to see a rainbow when it’s in the distance, but more difficult to discern when you are in its midst. Though it’s still early days, we’re now in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution".

2016 and we are living in the beginnings of the digital transformation. Whatever the exact definition is, of which there are many, we are seeing larger amounts of data being collected, stored and analysed and crucially its role is impacting and changing, everything. 

It’s shaping the way the world works. Uber – the world’s largest taxi company, owns no taxis. Netflix - the world’s largest movie house, owns no cinemas.

AirBnB, the largest accommodation provider, owns no buildings. For the everyday consumer, these thought-provoking statements about digital disruption proves to us the world has already changed. In our world of enterprise IT, what would you say are the most important events of the last dozen or so years? I would propose:

  • 2004 the IPO of – showed us SAAS as a technology, as a business model actually worked
  • Launch Amazon Web Services(AWS) 2006 – launch of public cloud platforms
  • 2007 launch of Apple iPhone, first true smartphone

Software vendors, every single one of us, is affected by these events. The world of cloud computing, software as a service and the ability to access data anywhere, anytime, changes the game for us.

  • What is our technology and business model? On premise, private cloud, hosted
  • What does the competition offer, both the big challengers and the start-ups?
  • Technology creep – what has, is or will be set to change, that could impact core product requirement? E.g. expectations of application based business intelligence; advanced reporting and dashboards
  • Empowered consumers – attitude shifts in data-savvy, app-savvy and mobile-savvy consumers

In an uber-exciting and rapidly changing world of software development this is the way we create competitive advantage. 

We take influence from the way the world now thinks. We focus on what we do best; develop our core application, and we maximise the value of our own applications through embedding elements of other best of breed products.

Written by Ken

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