Great place to work

We're pleased to have Ellen and Hollie join our Sales team and Adil recently join our Testing team. We're still recruiting for new roles and have knocked down walls in the office to make room for our expanding team.

Hear from the new recruits in their own words.

Hollie enjoys a change from big corporations

Channel Account Manager Hollie Dyson joined Panintelligence in January after travelling the world and working in sales roles for big corporations like BT, Capita and Google.

“Before I went travelling to across Thailand and Australia, I worked for a software security vendor that specialised in firewalls and web filtering,” she said

“I realised that I didn't like that kind of environment and I wanted a smaller environment where I'd be able to voice my opinions and be heard with people actually listening to what I think.” she said

Not only has Hollie's opinions been heard at Panintelligence, but she has been allowed to make her own mark on the company.

“I really like how I can put my stamp on my job. The people here are so flexible, Zandra and Mike give me the room to be able to contact who I want and to work with people how I want to work with them.”

Ellen breaks into the world of tech

Ellen had been open to a career change and thought of looking no further than working at Panintelligence. In her role as Channel Account Manager, she has been able to apply her business development skills. 

“I became more and more intrigued about the business and was really excited about what they were doing in the marketplace and their growth trajectory.”

“Panintelligence offered a good opportunity for me to bring across my relationship management skills into the world of technology, which I have always wanted to get involved in,”

“My knowledge and background in the financial services sector, which is a core market for Panintelligence partners, has been really useful to transfer into this role.”

Ellen has settled into her role with Panintelligence seamlessly, which she puts down to the culture of the company as well as the attitude and passion her colleagues have for the business.

“It is a really nice culture here and lives up to its values in being supportive and open,” she said

Adil’s at home in an agile environment

Software Test Engineer Adil Aslam has 'absolutely loved' his time so far at Panintelligence since starting in March.

“I've absolutely loved it so far, the change of environment for me, working in a smaller team means you're closer to everybody and get to know everyone individually.”

“The way the team is and the agile environment makes this job the best thing I've come across so far, everyone here makes a real effort every single day.

Adil plays a vital role in the development team, where he works hard on testing the Pi Dashboard.

“My role as Test Engineer means that if the developers add anything new to the Dashboard or if there's something that the customers require, I test the changes, try to replicate the problem a customer had and try to figure out why the problem is there.”

“When I came in to Panintelligence for my interview I felt at home immediately. It really has felt like I have been here for such a long time already,

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