Tokheim takes reporting to the next level with Panintelligence

Tokheim Group, based in Paris is one of the world's leading manufacturers and servicers of fuel dispensing equipment. With over 5,000 employees Tokheim have operations in countries around the globe. Directly servicing more than 40,000 service stations Tokheim offers customers a complete range of fuel dispensers and pumps, retail automation systems, payment terminals, media devices, replacement parts and upgrade kits, and a full range of support services. Tokheim are committed to meeting the needs of their customers around the globe, and pride themselves on being able to meet the entire fuel dispensing needs of customers, whatever size or type of service stations they own, wherever in the world they operate.

Andy Wallace, Operations Manager at Tokheim UK, said “We wanted a dashboard reporting tool to take our MIS function to the next level.  While already quite advanced, we realised that a real-time dashboarding tool would increase our visibility over our complex organisation and provide users a greater level of insight into current situations, successes and areas for improvement.  We wanted a tool that could be used at all levels throughout the business for both Operational and Strategic decision making. We chose the Panintelligence dashboard because of the user-friendly style, ease of set-up and eye-catching graphics. This will allow us to almost instantly see the benefits of the powerful tools embedded in the package and of course allow for a quicker return on investment.  It will also allow for customisation and data manipulation to be carried out by all employees rather than relying on the IT function to provide information. All of this will help us to further improve the high service levels we offer our customers by allowing us to focus on and manage exceptions occurring within the business and target areas to continually improve our First Time Fix and SLA rates. Initially we plan to deploy the Panintelligence dashboard in the UK and Ireland to our Sales and Service department responsible for the servicing of over 3000 Petrol Stations and then plan to roll it out to our colleagues across the globe.”

Mike Cripps, Director of Panintelligence added “We are delighted to add Tokheim to our growing list of dashboard customers, and we are particularly pleased that they plan to roll it out to their Sales and Services Divisions across the globe. Andy and his team in Dundee have been great to deal with and we are sure that their confidence in the product will be rewarded, as we know through the experience of other partners that the dashboard gives unprecedented real-time insights into how the business is doing, and as a consequence can be used to drive efficiency and productivity improvements.”