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What is Data as a service (DaaS)?

Data as a Service is an emerging, revolutionary service offered by data-expert companies – such as Panintelligence – which allows businesses to capitalise on the amount of data they collect.

DaaS is a cost-effective solution to keeping all your data in check, rather than having to manually source, manage, and activate it.

The problem with big data

“Data is the new oil.” Zandra Moore, CEO of Panintelligence

Everyone is obsessed with big data, but big data itself isn’t particularly useful. It’s what businesses do with that data which really brings out its importance; it’s how you drill into your data to strike oil.

Extracting the value from any data collected usually revolves around a data scientist or a data insights analyst exploring the information, translating it into visual charts and graphs, and passing it back to the domain expert to generate insights and trends.

The solution to the big data problem

In the modern era, markets change at the blink of an eye and communication happens at the click of a finger.

Therefore, it’s important to remove the time-consuming process of analysing data and allow insights to be generated much quicker.

Data as a Service works effectively when all this data is packaged up inside a dashboard, where users can create charts and graphs directly through an intuitive user interface.

DaaS companies like Panintelligence can take data from multiple sources and display it side by side in the dashboard, which dramatically cuts down on time spent reporting and analysing that information.

Access to customers’ data becomes much easier and data-backed decisions can be made quicker and with greater accuracy than ever before.

A Panintelligence Dashboard showing data from separate sources all brought together.

The advantages of DaaS

  • Cross-channel consumer understanding
    • Understand who your customers are, what they do, where they go, and what they buy

  • Break out of data silos
    • With all data in the same place, achieve one view of the truth throughout the business

  • Put your data to work
    • Measure your results to understand what went well and what could be improved upon

  • Access real-time data
    • Access important insights wherever and whenever, on any device

Leverage the power of DaaS with Panintelligence

DaaS has come at the right time for many businesses and industries, as more and more people realise what a commodity data really is.

Data as a Service allows you to realise the potential value that your data holds, which ultimately helps to enforce business-critical decisions, streamline reporting and analysis, and even shape the business world for years to come.