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What is GDPR?

On May 25th 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect for all organisations in the UK. GDPR will replace the Data Protection Directive as the primary law regulating how companies protect citizens' personal data.

GDPR requirements aim to create more consistent protection of consumer and personal data across EU nations. Some of the key privacy and data protection requirements of the GDPR include:

  • Consent of subjects for data processing and information on storage periods
  • Anonymising collected data to protect privacy
  • Data breach notifications within 72 hours or be subject to fines of up to 4% turnover
  • Safely handling the transfer of data across borders
  • Companies to appoint a data protection officer to oversee GDPR compliance

How we can help?

For many organisations, controlling data and copies of it can be very difficult. There is often an industry of Excel spreadsheets, where data walks out of the organisation on devices every day. There is also a variety of software and databases which various people have access to. So, how can organisations start to take control of their data?

The first step is to manage access to information. Controlling where data is stored and auditing what data is being accessed and by whom, can also help organisations manage and comply with GDPR.

What is the solution?

Panintelligence enables organisations to control and manage access to data through a role-based, secure data exploration solution.

  • Role-based security. Restrict what data people can and can’t see, and what they can do with data. This allows you to easily switch data access privileges on and off, and restrict how data is consumed.
  • Restrict who can build reports on data. Our easy-to-use self-service report builder can be enabled so users don’t need to extract data into Excel for building reports.
  • Data storage stays in your control. Panintelligence is installed within your infrastructure. It is connected to your data at source, so we don’t need to move or copy any of your data, unlike many other data solutions.
  • No data is stored on any device. If someone loses a device or laptop, no data will be lost. No data is cached on any device and we are a PCI compliant solution.
  • Audit users’ data access. Many data breaches come from within the organisation. See what data users are accessing and be alerted to exceptions in data consuming behaviours.
  • Affordable and quick to implement. In just a few days, we can connect to your data and set-up your users with secure access to data. Starting from £100 per month, Panintelligence is one of the most secure and affordable data discovery and BI solutions available.
  • UK company that cares. Panintelligence is developed in the UK and was originally built for the UK’s banks. It is now one of the most widely deployed data solutions in the UK, across all sectors. We’re valued for our data and security compliance in Education, Health, and Finance in particular.