Delighting OEM and Reseller customers with BI dashboards

We recently asked some of our customers to share on camera their experience of working with Panintelligence. We were delighted by their positivity, particularly regarding the value the dashboard is adding to their business proposition, but also because they were very complimentary about how easy it is to work with us - something we pride ourselves on.

Ease of Use and Quick to Market

The Kirona Group specialises in providing a comprehensive suite of field service automation software. Using the Panintelligence BI dashboard they developed InfoSuite which provides a holistic view of their customers’ operations, giving them visibility of their key performance indicators, and the ability to quickly drill down to the underlying detail. Mat Wilson, Account Manager, from Kirona said “The most beneficial thing about Panintelligence is the ease of use. It is a very simple product to use and ascetically very pleasing. You can take people that have very little IT knowledge…and you can mobilise that product very quickly, and that’s a big win for us.” Earlier this year the Kirona Group was given the first Panintelligence OEM Partner award in recognition of the great success they have had in taking InfoSuite to market.

Open and Supportive

Kevin Canetti from Wharncliffe, a reseller of Panintelligence for Sage 200, spoke very positively about our willingness to keep customers informed. Comparing Panintelligence to working with much larger organisations in the past, Kevin said “It was more difficult to stay in touch… and to understand whether we were making the best use of the product. Whereas now you can just pick up the phone and speak to a range of people who know the product.” Wharncliffe is a Sage Business Partner that offers the dashboard to its Sage 200 customer base and they have also developed a version for one of their own products called Realitex200. Recently Wharncliffe enabled Goldcrest Chemicals to simplify management reporting across the business by delivering the dashboard for Sage 200.

The Panintelligence Team

The Tribal Group is a global provider of products and services to the international education, training and learning markets. Mike Fisher, Product Manager, said “The Panintelligence company is as good as the software.” This comment from Mike supports our belief in building strong relationships and putting people at the heart of the business. We believe that building long term, mutually beneficial, relationships with all of our customers is the key to our future success.

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