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What to consider when upgrading from Sage 50 to 200

Businesses experiencing good growth or rapid expansion may consider upgrading from Sage 50 in search of something that’s better suited to the current size of the business.

Of course, there is Sage X3 to consider, but this is most commonly seen as an enterprise-level solution. Sage 200 sits between 50 and X3, and is perfect for SMEs.

But just like any system, Sage 200 has its limitations. To maximise the benefits of Sage 200, businesses often choose to purchase complementary add-ons to run alongside the software.

Choosing an add-on for Sage 200

There are various add-ons for Sage 200 around, including business intelligence solutions like Panintelligence for Sage. A BI dashboard enhances the company’s ability to quickly and accurately report on data.

All data shown is in real-time, and can be taken from data tables and visualised in charts and graphs. This is all done through the user interface with no coding required, putting data at the fingertips of domain experts.

Business benefits with Pi for Sage

Panintelligence for Sage is an out-of-the-box BI and reporting dashboard for Sage 200, which comes pre-configured with a data connection and a library of charts.

Conducting reports using Pi for Sage creates a joined-up view of data within all areas of the business, with access rights assigned to each user to control what they can see, edit, and share.

Data is no longer held in silos by each team. Instead, everyone in the business is looking at the same platform.

And as the data shown is in real-time, staff can feel confident in running meetings directly from their dashboard.

Choosing the partner, not just the product

Our Sage business partner, Datel, says “if selecting the right solution is the first step, selecting a partner to implement and support that solution is the second – and it’s critical to making sure a business is able to maximise the benefits of their Sage 200 system.”

Panintelligence is a software vendor that’s 100% partner-focused. We aim to drive long-term partnerships that create real ROI for all involved. As a partner, you can have a say in our product roadmap, benefit from our consultancy, and participate in our free training sessions.

To enquire about the Panintelligence for Sage 200 pre-configured dashboard, please contact us to arrange a free demo.

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