What to expect at our Business Partner Event: Analytics – A business opportunity for all

Our yearly Business Partner Event is taking place on the on the 21st June at The Village Hotel, Nottingham.

At this Analytics-themed day, we will bust the big data jargon. Attendees will learn from industry thought leaders and Panintelligence partners about Analytics, AI, IoT, and Machine Learning, and how you can capitalise on these trends.

We're also thrilled to be launching the Pi Analytics add-on, showing you how you can take your customers from Self-service BI to Self-service Analytics.

Guest speakers

We’re delighted to announce that the Business Partner Event will feature talks from several guest speakers.


Sue Daley – Head of Programme, Data Analytics and AI – at TechUK will help us all make sense of artificial intelligence and machine learning, as she invites us to learn what it means for us as individuals and businesses.


We will also be joined on the day by Nick Radcliffe – CEO Stochastic Solutions – whose talk is titled ‘Analytics in the Real World’.

OCF Data

Cliff Brereton – Director of Data at OCF – will treat attendees to a talk about a sector-specific use case for analytics in Healthcare, which is one of the key industries which can benefit from predictive analytics.

Panel discussion

All our guest speakers will return alongside our CEO, Zandra, and our Product Director, Ken, to form a panel discussion towards the end of the day. It’s a great chance for all the speakers and attendees to enter into a wider discussion about the key themes of the day: analytics and AI.