Winn Solicitors Optimise Case Management Process with Panintelligence Dashboards

Winn Solicitors are an award-winning practice specializing in personal injury claims who are using dashboards to drive process improvements. Winn’s are using the Panintelligence dashboard integrated with the Proclaim Case Management software to get clear visibility of their case management processes. Delivering real-time reports and dashboards to end-users across the business will help continue to ensure they are delivering an efficient and high quality service to their many thousands of customers. Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management commented,

“We were having challenges with the number of reports we required to analyse the relevant data across the practice. This was from a financial perspective in terms of targets, but is also enabling us to drill down into caseloads per department, team and fee earner to ensure cases are progressed in an efficient and timely manner.”

Clint described how better visibility will help drive profitability,

“The offering from Panintelligence allows us to centralise the data in easy to view dashboards, which enables efficient monitoring and, in turn, will drive profitability. The ease in which the dashboards can be created and integrated both from a developer and end user perspective meant Panintelligence ticked all the boxes."

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