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Zandra Moore wins Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in Channel Awards

Come 5:30pm, the Panintelligence Team are usually packing up and shutting down for the day, with laptops and mobiles not being booted back up until the following morning.

Last Thursday was a little different, however.

CRN UK was hosting its Women in Channel Awards 2018, and we had two of our staff members up for awards: our CEO, Zandra, and our Marketing Events Coordinator, Maria.

Waiting for news

Instead of shutting down all our devices at 5:30pm, the Marketing Team spent the evening keeping a close eye on Zandra’s Twitter feed for news on the results. The Marketing Team waited until 11pm in fact, and then the following tweet appeared:

Zandra had won the Entrepreneur of the Year award! We were all delighted for her, and it was thoroughly well deserved.

Leading innovation at Panintelligence

Zandra’s award recognised the innovation she has brought to Panintelligence in the form of new products, ideas, and ethos.

We held a soft launch of our two new modules – Pi Report and Pi Analytics – at our Partner Event this year, and plan to do a full-scale launch early next year.

As well as being critical in pushing through these new modules, Zandra is reinforcing one of our most important ethos: Building Remarkable Partnerships.

Our business model is founded on the strong, successful partnerships we build with software vendors and resellers. Panintelligence’s partners are critical to us, and Zandra has been instrumental in strengthening the bonds that exist between us and them.

Heading into 2019

With Zandra at the helm, Panintelligence is continuing to expand in staff size and customer base. To enable the developers working at our prospective customers’ businesses, we’re launching PiLot – a sandbox designed to allow those developers to get fully hands on with our software.

And with the expansion of our Sage product base to incorporate Panintelligence for Sage 50, we’re growing on multiple fronts and enabling our partners to bring more of our products to their end users to solve their reporting pains.