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Advanced Cutting Tools Case Study

Advanced Cutting Tools supplies engineering solution services, industrial supplies, and cutting tools to the oil and gas, medical, aerospace, automotive, and nuclear industries.

Falling oil prices were making the oil and gas sector more competitive. Therefore, it was essential to have data available which would allow them to closely monitor their business performance and profitability, so they could make quick, data-driven decisions to react to opportunities.


The business was growing; the number of product lines and transactions being processed every month was increasing.

They had scaled up from Sage 50 to Sage 200, but their ERP system was very inflexible when it came to creating reports.

That meant ACT was struggling to produce monthly and quarterly reports on time, and couldn’t access live data to review business performance, and manage sales and operations.


The main challenge for the business was that all their data was in different places, and so it was difficult to gain one overall view of business performance, and users couldn’t easily drill down into the underlying data.

For example, data from Sage 200 was stored in a separate place to their tooling vending machine transactions, which accounted for a high percentage of sales. They required a complete picture of sales performance, so account managers could see individual sales by customer or product line.


By connecting disparate data sources, Panintelligence enabled Advanced Cutting Tools to consolidate all their sales data in one location, with the software’s interface allowing for easy analysis and drill down ability.

The standard functionality of the Panintelligence for Sage 200 dashboard was quickly adapted to ACT’s needs, only taking a day and a half to implement, compared to the 12-month implementation for their previous ERP system. ACT could get up and running straight away and begin to reap the benefits of the software.

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