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Mondottica Case Study

Mondottica design frames for leading brands in the eyewear industry such as Ted Baker, Converse, and Cath Kidston and engage global partners to produce their product ranges for optician groups such as Vision Express, Boots, and Specsavers.


Mondottica was faced with two key issues. The first was that, as the business had scaled, their reporting practices hadn’t kept pace with the company’s growth. In Mondottica’s own words, “just to report on a single brand to a partner would take 27 different reports and five to six people”.

The second was that there was no one version of the truth throughout the business; key data and trends were buried, so it was difficult for the business to identify potential areas of growth.


The business relied on Microsoft Excel to create reports, which led to manual processing and manipulating of data.
Mondottica needed a solution that would solve the common problems associated with Excel reporting and allow them to improve and modernise their reports.

  • Data was becoming out of date and reporting were too long
  • With no real-time metrics, there was a lack of trust in data and a hesitancy to use data to back decisions
  • There was no way to see trended data or forecasts


Panintelligence allowed Mondottica to consolidate data from various sources and standardise reporting throughout the business.

Thanks to the Pi Dashboard’s secure API, Mondottica was able to securely connect to their data sources and display data that was automatically kept live and up to date.

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