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MS Amlin - Case Study

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MS Amlin are providers of insurance in Property & Casualty, Marine & Aviation, and Reinsurance for other insurers. They define themselves as experts in underwriting and claims, with both technical capability and deep knowledge of the areas they insure.

They currently have more than 2,400 people in 26 locations worldwide, as part of the top-10 global insurance group MS&AD.

The company had invested in a large data warehousing project with the aim of enabling everyone in the business to have a common view of company-wide information and to align the information systems to what the business was doing.


Previously, the business had a fractious relationship with technology. The installation of a new data warehouse allowed the company to store data effectively but reporting on this data was taking way too long and the process of creating these reports was very manual.

Staff were producing reports in an old fashioned style – getting data out of Microsoft Reporting Services, downloading the information into Excel and then manipulating the spreadsheet to present their version as the truth, so behaviour was driven by an individual’s interpretation of the data at any one point in time.


Due to the old-fashioned reporting practices MS Amlin was relying on, it was difficult to trust the data and make business decisions on the back of it. With reports taking so long to compile, the data was already out of date by the time they were finished.

MS Amlin also didn’t have one point of access for everyone in the business to see the data that’s relevant to each department. There was no ‘single version of the truth’ throughout the business, with reporting being done by siloed teams.


MS Amlin integrated the dashboard technology with their data warehouse to create a common view of data trends to facilitate analysis, decisions, and the ability to drill down for more detail if needed.

Previously, information had been deeply buried in different tables and reports. The Panintelligence dashboard gave MS Amlin increased visibility of key data and enabled them to create a dedicated Project Team that not only improved customer outcomes but also resulted in substantial reserves being released back to the business.

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