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Winn Solicitors Case Study

Winn Solicitors is an awarding winning practice for innocent victims of RTAs and other accidents, who need help to recover compensation and other services. They are one of the leading claims management companies in the UK, handling a high volume of cases. Tracking legal KPIs is important across the business.

Winn Solicitors wanted an easier way to report on and interrogate data in their Eclipse Proclaim case management software. A key consideration was data security, particularly as data protection clauses routinely formed part of new contracts. They also wanted a simple and secure way to share data within the business and to provide reporting which was tailored to different users. It was time to invest in a more powerful reporting tool with data visualisation capabilities.

"The offering from Panintelligence allows us to centralise the data in easy to view dashboards, which enables efficient monitoring and, in turn, will drive profitability." Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management

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