Panintelligence: GDPR and Data Security

We all know that data security is an area of increasing concern, as we collect and store more data on more devices. Recently, there have been many high-profile episodes in the media, identifying that the NHS or some of the largest data security providers in the world have fallen victim to data security breaches.

Some of those are from external hacks, but in many cases, it's internal users of data having access to that information and sharing it outside the organisation. So data security becomes an ever-increasing point of concern for many businesses.

GDPR is putting some more regulations in place for organisations to ensure they are reporting breaches within a certain period of time (72 hours), and if they're not doing that, they'll be fined 4% of their turnover. Organisations will need to have a data protection officer in place to make sure they have a full process of storing information in a secure way, especially in sectors like Finance and Education.