What makes Panintelligence different?

We're not just another analytics software developer.

True white-labelling

True white-labelling

White-label our software to look exactly like yours and create a seamless experience for your users. Emulate the exact look and feel of your software, with ours.

Faster to deploy

Faster to deploy

Panintelligence is easy to integrate with your core product and other third-party software. Go to market in days and start seeing ROI quickly.

Safer data security

Safer data security

Panintelligence was built for the banking sector, therefore we don’t move data; we simply connect to it. We’re GDPR and PCI-compliant, too.

Better to use

Better to use

All our software – even our predictive analytics module – is fully self-service. Put powerful data analytics into your customers’ capable hands.

Seamless integration

Our software is your software.

Panintelligence is a safe and secure solution to company-wide reporting. How do we accomplish what other vendors can’t? Simple: we don’t ask you to move your data. Wherever it is, we’ll connect to it and display it in our dashboards.

But you can take it a step further than that.

You can white-label and embed our software into your product, creating a seamless experience for your customers while addressing their reporting needs and championing innovation on their behalf.

Embed Panintelligence, improve your customers' working lives, and start generating ROI in days.

Seamless integration

Provide your customers with the tools they need

Surprise and delight your customers

panintelligence customers

We love tech, you love tech, and your customers are probably pretty fond of it too.

And as their software vendor, they’ll look to you to solve their problems and deliver the latest innovations to their virtual doorsteps.

By embedding Panintelligence, your customers can benefit from powerful self-service reporting and predictive analytics, and you’re giving them a leg up on the journey to automated machine learning and AI.

Quickly deliver new features

quick to market

Do you customers often want more from your product? While you’ll likely want to make sure that your software is providing them with a great experience, you have to know when to build it yourself and when to buy it in.

Embedding Panintelligence into your core product allows you to rapidly go to market with a new reporting module which your customers will love. It’ll save them time, make their lives easier, and allow them to trust in their data to make decisions – a luxury everyone should have.

Panintelligence is:

Pi Dashboard

pi dashboard

Meet Pi. This is our business intelligence platform and it sits at the heart of everything we do. The Pi Dashboard can empower your customers to simplify complex data and drive decisions in their businesses.

Pi Analytics

pi analytics

No one does self-service predictive analytics quite like us. Our software removes the technical barrier to powerful analytical tools and quite literally turns you into your own data scientists.

Pi Report

pi report

Pi Report is our best-of-breed solution to company-wide reporting. Our user-friendly interface allows you to create visually stunning reports in minutes, which can then be run on a schedule.

Are you ready to embed best-of-breed analytics into your product?

Your customers will love you for it.

Embed us into your product and give your customers everything they could want from a reporting tool, and more.