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Case Study:

Notify Technology

Sector: Healthtech


When we put our software in, the big benefit was suddenly people were finding it easy to report on a mobile app, which was great. Big tick. What they then found was they got a lot of data, so they were getting sometimes 10 times more information than they had before."
Duncan Davies
CEO and Co-Founder, Notify

About Notify

Based in Newcastle, Notify Technology (Notify) is an award-winning digital health and safety platform on a mission to make a billion people safer, healthier and more productive through simple, smart, and secure technology. Notify started its safety revolution journey with the launch of its free forever near miss reporting app and continues to expand through easy-to-use innovative digital solutions.

Today, Pi’s embedded analytic platform helps Notify on its mission to constantly innovate by making it easy for customers to access, visualize, interrogate and act upon safety data. This accelerated the interpretation of insights and reduced time to action. Something which is critical when it comes to health and safety.

The story of Notify

Back in 2017, the team at Notify spotted a gap in the health and safety market. They realized the industry was stuck in the past, relying on paper forms and Excel sheets to manage critical information. They knew there had to be a better way to make a real difference to the safety, health, and well-being of everyone in the workplace. So, they set out to bring state-of-the-art technology to market.

"[Notify is involved in] all things health and safety; compliance, making sure you look after people, keeping them safe, reporting accidents, doing safety audits, risk assessments, we do [it all]. And we do it very well… We're technology people."
Duncan Davies
CEO and Co-Founder, Notify

The goal was simple: help organizations unlock the potential of their data to transform safety practices.

Notify wanted to make reporting and compliance a breeze, even for those who aren't data experts. They figured if they could take the hassle out of those tasks, safety practices would naturally improve. And making things more efficient around the office? That's bound to be a win-win.

They were right. Notify's commitment to data-driven safety has fueled impressive growth.

Before Panintelligence

With Notify’s easy to use app, organizations found it much easier to report safety events such as hazards, near misses and injuries. However, their quest to empower customers with data presented a significant hurdle: an overwhelming amount of data—10x more than they had before.

"When we put our software in, the big benefit was suddenly people were finding it easy to report on a mobile app, which was great. Big tick. What they then found was they got a lot of data, so they were getting sometimes 10 times more information than they had before."
Duncan Davies
CEO and Co-Founder, Notify

There was an undeniable need for embedded data dashboards. Notify was providing customers with value on the data side—with incident information flooding in; clients were overloaded with safety data. However, they needed something that would allow them to visualize and analyze the data in real time.

Key pillars of Panintelligence’s partnership

After exploring several options, including some big-name solutions, at the top of Notify’s list was Panintelligence. Panintelligence’s understanding of businesses of various sizes and growth stages, open partnership approach, and cutting-edge technology made it an easy decision. In Duncan’s own words, “like lots of people in tech, although we all sell tech, we are still dealing with human beings. So the fact that Andy, my CTO could talk to Ken about CTO and techie stuff, that's a massive thing that you don't get with a big partner.”

The self-service capabilities were unlike anything they’d ever experienced, either. With Pi, Notify can turn data into insights decision-makers can actually use. Instead of clients taking data outside of Notify, they can now analyze multiple data sources in one place to surface issues, patterns, or correlations they might have otherwise missed. It’s real-time, self-service, and in the hands of every team member, no matter their data literacy.

Notify dashboard example

First impressions

Getting up and running with Panintelligence was smooth. Panintelligence’s team kept communication open and provided support every step of the way. Notify loved how direct and personal the whole onboarding process was. That made it so much easier to seamlessly integrate Panintelligence into their own solution.

Notify’s results

Without the need for extensive training, Panintelligence helped Notify create safety intelligence dashboards brimming with valuable insights. Intelligence that empowers Notify's clients to raise the bar in health and safety management and proactively reduce risk in their organizations.

Visualize and interrogate data: Notify delivers true self-service analytics for non-technical professionals, giving them the power to visualize and interrogate safety data at the point of impact like never before.
Streamline reporting and compliance: Notify customers now have the ability to dive right into their data for comprehensive safety management—ultimately helping to prevent future accidents and injuries.
Improve data quality: A centralized view of all safety data means Notify customers can monitor KPI performance and drill down into specific data sets. No more questionable spreadsheets and manual data entry.
Time savings: Notify customers can significantly speed up trend analysis, gaining many hours back. Hours that could now be spent on other strategic safety initiatives, which help keep people safe.

Perhaps, most significantly, one of the biggest impacts is the ability to convert data into a story to influence your board or investors, as Duncan says;

"Influence and storytelling is one of the things I try to talk to our clients and customers about… You are now armed with some information which you can convert from data into insight, into a story to influence your board or investors."
Duncan Davies
CEO and Co-Founder, Notify

This window into overall safety management gave Notify the ultimate toolset to modernize clients' safety programmes, and could be an invaluable tool to help build more customer-oriented products and solutions.

If you’re ready to spark your own data revolution with embedded analytics, we invite you to book a personalized demo with our data team today. We’ll talk through your data challenges and how you can convert these into opportunities for growth and success.


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