Buyers guide to SaaS embedded analytics & business intelligence
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With so many options around, selecting the best business intelligence tool can be a daunting exercise. Why does it matter, why do you need it, what do you need…. To help you navigate your embedded analytics journey, we’ve created a range of guides which we hope will help you!

SaaS Businesses Share Their Experiences

With so much to consider when adding embedded analytics into your app, we’ve made it a bit easier for you by collecting advice from SaaS businesses that have already been through this process.

Booq, Tendable and The ai Corporation share their experiences, advise on best practice, pitfalls to avoid and what they would have done differently with hindsight.

SaaS leaders guide to embedded analytics

As a leader in the SaaS market, you will already be aware of the main business benefits of embedded analytics - contributing to improved sales, gaining and maintaining a competitive edge and driving maximum value from data to stimulate growth and boost performance. This guide looks at how embedded analytics can help you achieve your growth strategy.

Buyers Guide to SaaS embedded analytics & business intelligence

Many SaaS vendors see embedding analytics into their application as one of the main priorities in their product roadmap. But why is this?

This guide explains why this trend is growing amongst SaaS vendors and why most are actively engaging and partnering with an embedded analytics vendor rather than attempting to build themselves.

Unlocking growth potential for SaaS partners

This is the ultimate guide to business intelligence that you’ll ever need. This resource talks through compelling commercials, buy vs build, the importance of white labelling, ease of deployment, need-to know security protocols, API options and why NOT to move data

How Predictive Analytics drives marketing performance

One of the most significant benefits of predictive analytics in MarTech is that it can provide accurate consumer insights that can boost conversions and improve your customers' experience with your brand. Predictive analytics is instrumental in lead qualification, which directly impacts both sales conversions and revenue generation. Read our guide to understand how predictive analytics work and to ensure you are incorporating every element into your business.

The embedded analytics playbook

We’ve spent years speaking to, advising, and partnering with SaaS Vendors, so we know a thing or two about the pain points that SaaS CTOs and other decision-makers face when it comes to selecting or building business intelligence tools, embedded analytics tools, and reporting tools for their customers. We’ve compiled the most common pain points in this guide and give our suggested solutions for solving them.

Why SaaS vendors chose Panintelligence

  • "Panintelligence not only understood our challenges, worked with us to overcome them… 
    but by being better value than Looker at 10-20% the cost, it was an easy decision to work with them!"
    Paul Thomas
    CEO, Lead Forensics 
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  • "Pan provide a simple to use but wide in scope web based BI tool. We find it flexible, 
    comprehensive and it adds a lot of value and complements our incumbent in built reporting tools."
    Guy Burton
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  • "Panintelligence is an amazing tool to visualise our customers data and looks really clean and fresh."
    Neil Dibsdall
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  • "After 4 years looking for the right BI tool to work with Simitive SAAS solutions for Universities, 
     we were lucky to find Pi. The functionality, cost and most of all the Pi Team and the company’s
    culture are exactly what we needed. I am happy to say that the experience so far has met all of 
    our hopes and expectations for both the product and the company."
    Paul Sheppard
    MD, Simitive
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  • "It’s great how easy it is to use charts to display company data. The support team are really 
    helpful, the developers are available for more indepth help Quick response times Great 
    drill down ability on charts and graphs."
    Gary Bulter
    Cellular Solutions
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  • "The flexibility that the pi Dashboard and pi Reports solutions allowed for our own 
    customisation purposes and that of our customers, made choosing Panintelligence 
    an easy choice. This alongside the variety of deployment options reassured us
    that we’d made the best decision."
    Jon Parnell
    Minerva Computer Services
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  • "We needed a BI tool that we could white label, that was flexible and easy to use, as well
    as being competitively priced, and Panintelligence was a real showstopper in all those regards."
    David Owens
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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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