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Rapidly Embed Must-Have Analytics into Your SaaS Solution

Live webinar

Date: Tuesday 13th June

Time: 9am PST • 12pm EST • 5pm UK

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Panintelligence, the experts in rapid and secure embedded analytics, has teamed up with Yellowbrick, the ultra-fast, cost-effective cloud data warehouse platform to revolutionize the SaaS landscape.

In this fireside chat, we'll reveal the secret sauce to deploying embedded analytics faster, more securely, and at a fraction of the cloud computing costs. Hear how Chrisitan Garcia, Product Manager, Apptricity delivered new data visualization features in record-time with Panintelligence, unlocking unique customer insights without developers.

Rapid and Secure Embedded Analytics for SaaS Healthtech

Live webinar

Date: Wednesday 28th June

Time: 8am PST • 11pm EST • 4pm UK

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Explore the benefits of embedded analytics and business intelligence for healthtech companies, and how they can quickly and securely implement these solutions to gain a competitive advantage.

What we'll discuss

• How embedded analytics can help healthtech companies deliver insights to their customers faster and more efficiently.

• The key considerations for implementing embedded analytics solutions, including data privacy and security.

• Examples of healthtech companies that have successfully embedded analytics to drive growth and customer satisfaction.

Thought Leadership for EdTech Executives

In Person Event

Date: Tuesday 4th July

Time: 2pm UK

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Join our COO, Charlotte Bailey, who is speaking at the inaugural AWS Thought Leadership event for EdTech executives in Manchester. This event is designed to help you connect with AWS executives, industry leaders, and specialist partners to engage in collaborative discussions around specific EdTech business challenges and desired outcomes, based on feedback from our customers.

The event, we will cover a range of essential topics for EdTechs, including Innovation at Amazon, Recruiting for EdTechs, Building a Data Strategy, Accelerating your AI/ML Adoption, Sustainability for EdTechs, Business Intelligence for Education, Co-selling with AWS, and Voice of the EdTech Customer.

And there's pizza and beer to finish!

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panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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