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Secure Embedded Analytics for Healthtech vendors

Unifying healthcare data to deliver intelligent insight.
The Healthtech space is evolving rapidly, and SaaS vendors are constantly innovating to stay ahead in the competitive market. As more technologies are implemented into healthcare establishments globally, the volume of data grows, with it, the potential to drive valuable insight. These technologies have the power to transform healthcare, but it will be those SaaS vendors that demonstrate true insight that will set themselves apart in the market.

The numbers


of healthcare providers in the US have adopted predictive analytics
Rate of adoption of predictive analytics in healthcare in selected countries worldwide in 2022


petabytes of data is produced by hospitals every day
World Economic Forum: Global Health.


of data breaches involve healthcare organisations
Verizon 2023 Data Breach Investigations Report


of hospital data currently goes unused
World Economic Forum: Global Health.

Seriously secure SaaS

Only the highest standard of data security will do. As your SaaS solution is home to a host of highly sensitive medical data, security is a priority. Our solution is truly embedded meaning sensitive data never leaves your secure infrastructure.

With our Pi product, you can deliver actionable analytics to your users, whilst remaining GDPR and HIPAA compliant. Pi’s ability to query data at source abides to growing regulations surrounding data sovereignty, and our platform includes adaptable permission models where users can set authentication and authorization settings to assist security needs.
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Embedded Analytics to transform healthcare data

Healthtech SaaS vendors are collating huge quantities of data at any one time. But users need the value that is hidden in the data.

Our platform supports large and continuous data streams to power real-time and actionable insight delivered in white-labelled, customizable BI dashboards and reports that can be adapted to user requirements. Alongside this, our platform conducts predictive analysis to identify trends and forecast outcomes.
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Visualizing virtual wards

Virtual wards are being introduced into more clinical pathways requiring the deployment of various Healthtech and Medtech solutions. With a focus on remote patient pathways, the need for visibility becomes even greater.

Our embedded analytics and BI dashboard solution integrates into your Healthtech software to unlock transparency over remote healthcare operations, from tracking assets to patient monitoring, supplying the insight healthcare providers need to improve patient care.
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Exceed in the Healthtech market with data insights that drives predictive care

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Accessible & Intuitive Dashboards

For Healthtech data to derive value, it must be accessible.

Pi cuts through the complexity of data to deliver BI dashboards and reports that are designed to be accessible to all users, not just data analysts.

Our solution integrates intuitive BI dashboards into your Healthtech SaaS application that are self-serve and allow for easy customization so users can harness data and unlock value.
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Embed in days, not months

The adoption of Healthtech is accelerating, and users are demanding more from their data. Vendors who can deliver on this request will remain competitive in this changing landscape. Embedding our analytics solution accelerates your product roadmap and rapidly decreases time-to-market. As a low-code offering, Pi requires no long implementation timelines, so you can provide new features to users earlier than you thought.
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Healthtech dashboard solutions

Hospital operations
Remote care monitoring
Patient outcome models

Hospital operations

By embedding our solution, you can deliver a high-level view of a hospital or even entire foundation’s operations, which will be visually broken down into core segments including capacity, financial analysis, stock management, and even waiting times. With our predictive analytics capabilities, data can be monitored to identify trends and forecast probable outcomes.
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Remote care monitoring

Deliver transparency in your Healthtech platform, with embedded dashboards that can visually present remote care operations in dashboards and reports, such as asset monitoring or patient risk profiles.
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Patient outcomes models

With Pi, your SaaS application could produce valuable dashboards demonstrating patient treatments and outcomes, segmented by hospital or department, empowering healthcare providers to make actionable changes to patient care.
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What our customers think

Document Logistix

"Ultimately, Panintelligence gets the end users to spend more time in our product because that's the way they access all of their reporting. So it’s great for our business as it brings people more into our technology suite."

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"With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting."

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"We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool."

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The ai Corporation

"Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before."

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"Panintelligence’s expertise and support with rapidly integrating the software meant they have become like an extension of our own development team during the lockdown."

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Winn Solicitors

"Having the ability to send reports via Panintelligence is allowing us to remove existing reports from other products. By moving them into Panintelligence it keeps all of our data uniformed and in one place."

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White Label Loyalty

"We can now make decisions based on live data thanks to Panintelligence. It’s provided us with a solution that helps our clients understand their customers’ behaviour on a more granular level."

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Healthtech FAQ

Wondering how well Pi will work for your Healthtech?

How do I know if Pi is right for my Healthtech application?

Panintelligence already supports numerous Healthtech SaaS vendors to deliver white-labeled analytics. We recommended booking a demo to explore our solution in more detail and our experts can answer any queries you may have. In addition, as part of our process, we run pilots testing our analytics solution in your application before a full implementation.

How quick is the implementation process?

After the pilot, you can implement our solution in a matter of days. Our low-code solution eliminates the need for a long development process so that you can be offering dashboarding, reporting, and forecasting to your users as soon as possible.

Why is data visualization needed in Healthtech?

The way in which care is being delivered globally is changing, and Healthtechs need to ensure their SaaS product is supporting hospitals, clinicians and many more in the healthcare space. There are now remote care platforms and IoT medical devices collating huge amounts of data, and to support end-users it needs to be converted into a valuable format for your SaaS product to remain competitive in this industry.

Is Pi HIPAA compliant?

Our solution can deliver dashboards, reporting, and forecasting without ever moving the data. We embed and authenticate in your platform meaning your data remains in your secure and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure.

Can your solution work on all hospital devices?

Due to the embedded nature of our solution, it operates entirely in your system and can run on multiple devices including phones, desktops and tablets.

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