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Case Study:

The ai Corporation

Sector: FinTech


Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before.”
Rebeka Goodale
Head of Solutions and Innovation, The ai Corporation

How ai Corporation fuelled business growth with embedded analytics tools

The ai Corporation provides end-to-end payment, fraud, and analytics solutions to over 100 banks, 3 million multi-channel merchants, and 300 million consumer cardholders across the globe.

Their robust solutions are delivered through various models; SaaS, Fraud Managed Service, and License, which generate vast data assets used to drive innovation and strategic product roadmaps. In order to leverage its data assets fully, the ai Corporation needed a tool that could help manage and present this data in an organized and business-friendly manner.

Choosing an embedded analytics provider

The ai Corporation required an embedded business intelligence tool to replace their traditional Management Information (MI) solution, which allowed customers access to PDF versions of pre-configured content. Through their Fraud Managed Service solution, they constantly analyze large amounts of data. Having a tool that enables access to their data through pre-configured dashboards and reports was essential to the success of this service offering.

Now, through the Panintelligence (pi) embedded analytics tool, The ai Corporation can analyze its extensive data assets much quicker and more efficiently. With pi, The ai Corporation can see data in ways that they were not able to before and leverage this data effectively. The solution is business-friendly, which means their customers and internal teams find it simple to use and provide them the flexibility to pull and see the data how they want with introductory training.
"Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before."
Rebeka Goodale,
Head of Solutions and Innovation, The ai Corporation

Using the Panintelligence pi tool

The ai Corporation started its journey with Panintelligence and their pi set up with migrating native reporting into pre-configured content within the aiSmartIntelligence® branded solution.

The ability to migrate native reporting enabled The ai Corporation to offer a self-service module using the same underlying data model, which meant their customers had the ability to build their own reports and/or dashboards within the same solution. Ultimately, using the Panintelligence pi software as their framework allowed them to offer more flexibility through configuration instead of development.
“You can get to grips with the tool really easily as an end user without any coding experience. If you are a coder, then you can build some really cool applications.”
Rebeka Goodale,
Head of Solutions and Innovation, The ai Corporation

Benefits of using Panintelligence


The benefit of Panintelligence over other embedded business intelligence tools is its flexibility. With competing solutions, there are restrictions to the reports businesses can build. Panintelligence has poured all its development effort into creating a flexible data model. 

A flexible data model allows businesses to focus on getting their data out of their application and putting it into shape for analysis. Uniquely, Panintelligence is much more truly self-service than other embedded business intelligence tools.

Smart user interface

The Panintelligence embedded analytics tool (pi) offers an easy user interface (UI) with simple usage and navigation - no technical skill is required. Getting pi up and running takes minimal time.

The pi tool also enables users to see data in different ways, helping them to understand more about their business, data not seen by looking at numbers on a spreadsheet


As with many industries, including The ai Corporation, data security is paramount - Panintelligence has everything you would expect from state-of-the-art security. Multi-factor authentication, automated user creation, the ability to restrict users' permissions, and much more is all at the heart of the pi tool. All connections made to your business’s data sources can be parameterized.

The ai Corporation needed to adhere to very high levels of security and compliance - Panintelligence was the answer.

Outsourcing vs an in-house build

The data space is constantly evolving. Rebeka from The ai Corporation understood the difficulties associated with building data products from scratch and the time it can take to perfect it, especially if it’s not the core strength of your business.

The ai Corporation recognized that partnering with a leading expert in the embedded analytics space was more effective than building a business intelligence tool in-house. Their decision to partner with Panintelligence was to advance in the embedded analytics and business intelligence space quickly. Doing this allowed The ai Corporation to focus core resources on embedding the product versus building a product. Speed to market is critical in advancing growth opportunities.

Through customer feedback, The ai Corporation recognized there was an opportunity to allow their clients to interact with their data better. This critical feedback helped them to understand a solution for their customers was necessary and needed to go to market quickly - that’s where Panintelligence stepped in.

Future plans for The ai Corporation

solutions. With the Panintelligence pi tool, they have the ability to bring their data into a single place and are excited at the thought of what they can do with it. The pi embedded analytics tool will help them to understand their own data and how it works together strategically. 

In the future, The ai Corporation, has the opportunity to build out more innovative data solutions to offer their clients at a time when demand for data analysis is only going to get stronger.
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