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pi Solution

Embedded analytics and Business Intelligence Platform Built for SaaS

pi embeds seamlessly into your app to give you self-service dashboards, interactive reports and predictive analytics. You don’t need to invest any of your valuable development time to give your customers what they want.

A few of the things you can expect from our embedded analytics and business intelligence tools are; - it easily embeds into your existing data stack, can be white-labelled using your own branding, is low code for you and no code for your customers, can manage multi-tenant environments with different visualisations without ever moving data from source.

pi also gives your customers the ability to set permission based restrictions, so app users only see the data that they need to, when they need it - delivering information through a business intelligence platform into the heart of your users workflows.

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Why choose Panintelligence embedded analytics and Business Intelligence Platform?

pi Dashboard
pi embeds into your existing data stack, using your branding and never moves data from source ensuring security and governance is maintained.

Our quick and easy to deploy self service dashboards are no code for your customers meaning you can turn data into a story for your customers without the need for valuable development time.
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pi Reports
With our embedded and business intelligence reporting you can schedule and automatically generate a snapshot of key insights for your stakeholders. The business intelligence tools allow you to include graphs and data that can be automatically updated and personalised to include your own annotations and scheduled to the minute.
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pi Predicts
Our SaaS predictive analytics module allows you to challenge your assumptions and understand your successes. By utilising your existing data, you can challenge your theories about your customers - their behaviours and characteristics to unlock the unknown. Compare current results against previous predictions.
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At the heart of our partnership is a clear understanding of the value that each party brings and that the main players on both sides are like minded professionals with shared values and a desire to succeed in a competitive market space.
Nigel James, Sales Manager FE, The Tribal Group

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