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Embedded analytics for the changing world of finance

Rapid and secure embedded analytics for your Fintech SaaS product.

Transforming financial data into insight

Our solution can analyze various financial data sources and transform them into customizable dashboards, interactive reports, and predictive analytics to expand SaaS vendors’ offerings.


Supporting payment providers with real-time dashboards and reports to generate insight and purchasing patterns from customer transactions.


Embedded analytics and BI delivers visual customer risk profiles and lending reports to support users.


Provide unique dashboards to insurers to allow them to drill down into data and receive automated reports on claim patterns.


Embed our intuitive platform into yours to support users with anti-money laundering monitoring and risk management.

The numbers

195  billion

Global real-time payments in 2022*

£13 trillion

Global credit card transaction values across ecommerce & POS in 2022**

Powerful financial analytics

Users are increasingly searching for powerful and engaging insight from their financial data, and Panintelligence is here to power your Fintech platform with dashboards, reporting, and analytics. Our embedded analytics and BI solution seamlessly integrates into your SaaS product to make complex financial data, simple.
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We are truly embedded, entirely white labelled, and seriously secure. And most importantly, we are built for Fintech.

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Security is our priority

In finance, security is paramount, and the sector demands a rigorous approach to data protection. Panintelligence's Pi product was originally built as an internal solution for a leading payment gateway provider, meaning our platform has been engineered to be compliant and secure from day one.

Our solution has evolved to offer our business intelligence solution to Fintech SaaS vendors around the world, supporting them with a team that speaks their language. Pi is purpose built to support Fintech's with a range of features that deliver a robust, secure and reliable solution.
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Security is very important for us, and we feel very secure using Panintelligence. We've got a very granular security model all the way through our application - both in terms of what you can access and even what functionality within the software you can access. What we don't want to do is provide another route into the data which breaks that model. We need to make sure that any reporting tool that provides a link to data within our system is highly secure, and we are very happy with Panintelligence in that respect.
Jason Field
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Panintelligence has a very mature API endpoint, and documentation has also been absolutely fantastic for us for developing solutions such as adding new client users, and ensuring that role based access is programmatically controlled rather than open to error through user changes.
Oil Harrison
Mulberry Risk
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In our industry, as much as any other, we’re incredibly sensitive to security. Panintelligence has everything you would expect from state of the art security. It offers multi-factor authentication, automated user creation, the ability to restrict users’ permissions and much more. All of the connections you make to the data sources you can parameterise. At ai, we have to adhere to very high levels of security and compliance, and Panintelligence is ticking all the boxes in this area.
Rebeka Goodale
The ai Corporation
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Minimizing risk

Partner with an analytics provider that fits into your security model.
Panintelligence assures compliance and safeguards sensitive financial data by never moving data away from your secure infrastructure, querying data at source. We integrate our embedded analytics BI solution into your workflow to minimize data breach risks by processing and visualizing within your App. Beyond this, our platform supports authentication and authorization permission settings that can be adjusted at the database or user level.
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Turning regulation into an opportunity

Partner with an analytics provider that fits into your security model.
Users are consistently being placed under more regulatory pressures, with the FCA scrutinizing finance firms’ short fallings in their technology resources. Changes to KYC and AML regulations mean financial firms need greater insight to support evidence and compliance. Our low-code solution provides you with the building blocks to develop your own, bespoke self-serving dashboards within your platform.

The finance sector is evolving rapidly, and Fintech companies need to adapt and expand their offering to give them a competitive edge. You need a solution with no long-term development or implementation timelines, and Pi is just that. Embedding Pi can take only a matter of days.
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Fintech dashboard solutions

Insurance risk dashboard
Investment portfolio
Payments overview
Finance dashboard

Insurance risk dashboard

Through our embedded analytics and BI solution, real-time dashboards can be delivered to support insurers with risk profiling.
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Investment portfolio

For Fintech providers supporting the investment sector, our white-labelled solution supplies powerful dashboards, reports, and forecasting to keep users informed on overall portfolio performance. Gain the ability to drill down into chosen stock categories and even analyze stock trends to support future investment decisions
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Payments overview

When embedded into your Fintech application, our solution analyzes various data sources giving you visual dashboards that could include spending peaks, growing segments, and support to identify anomalies in spending.
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Finance dashboard

An embedded revenue dashboard will enable your users to instantly see key parameters surrounding financial performance, an essential component to driving actionable business decisions.
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Fintech FAQ

Questions about Pi? Find the answers here.

How quickly can Pi be integrated into my platform?

Our solution can be fully integrated into your FinTech platform in a matter of days.

How do I know Pi is right for my Fintech product?

The finance sector is our specialism and our system is designed to fit within your security model. However, if you are still unsure, why not try before you buy? We always run a rapid pilot allowing you to thoroughly test your data and provide feedback before going live.

Why do SaaS vendors need data visualization?

There is an abundance of financial data, and this needs to be converted into usable formats for end users. There is so much low-level, granular data across the financial sector, so this makes analytics and BI incredibly important, but for many, there is no internal data scientist resource, so the value needs to be pulled out in a usable format.

What types of reports can be pulled from the solution?

Based on the financial data that is provided, we can develop a range of possible reports across insurance risk profiles, lending metrics, or payment trends. What data is included in the report can be chosen by the end-user to deliver the most useful insight.

How does financial data remain secure?

The Pi platform has been designed so that the dashboard, reporting, and forecasting solution can be delivered in your secure and compliant infrastructure. Unlike other data visualization and BI tools, we do not move any data and query at the source to ensure financial compliance.
*Prime Time for Real-Time Global Payments Report 2022
**The Global Payment Report 2023

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