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Pi Academy

Get to know pi. This set of practical videos introduces you to many core topics. It’s designed to give you an overview of the whole pi system.

First up, create yourself an Academy instance.

It will last for 20 hours before resetting. You can create as many instances as you need, meaning you can therefore train at your own pace. Please don’t feel that you must complete everything in 20 hours!
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Get a deeper insight into pi’s functionality.
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Each video Practical takes you through a dashboard concept. Watch the video, then repeat what you were just shown. It's recommended that you do each in turn, but if you’re a rebel at heart you can dip in and out of each practical.

Getting Started

Practical 1.1 – Filtering Data

Practical 1.2 - Layouts

Practical 1.3 – Creating Charts

Practical 1.4 – Creating Tables

Practical 1.5 – Chart Attributes

Practical 1.6 – Drill Paths

Practical 1.7 – Breadcrumbs

Practical 1.8 – Categories (Pages)

Practical 1.9 – Category Filters

Practical 1.10 – Create a User Account

Practical 1.11 – Allocate Content To Your User

Practical 1.12 – Create A Data Connection

Practical 1.13 – Table Joins

Practical 1.14 – Manual Objects

Introduction to pi Predict

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