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Improve educational outcomes with embedded analytics for Edtech

Integrated data, analytics, and reporting for Edtechs to enhance the learner experience, inform strategic decision-making, and seriously scale SaaS.

At the forefront of the evolving Edtech market

By the end of the decade, the EdTech sector looks to close in on a worth of $1 trillion. EdTech vendors competing in the highly-charged, data-abundant SaaS market need an edge to stand out. That’s where our embedded analytics come in.

Centralizing data to inform decision-making organization-wide

The centralization of data in educational establishments is becoming a prevalent theme as more schools and colleges merge under the control of a single, central team. Uniting information in one place saves time, resources, and cost, promoting efficient ways of working across the multitude of departments and functions within an organization.

Embedding Panintelligence’s analytics into your platform empowers users to make intelligent decisions through easy and understandable visualization of data.
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Integrated analytics for your Edtech platform

Data generated by Edtech vendors must be meaningful to the end-user if it’s to promote genuine improvements and change within education that drive better student outcomes. Our solution embeds directly into your platform to provide dashboards and support reporting, without compromising user experience.

Informed decision-making

Embed dashboards and reports into your SaaS platform to generate overview reports across an entire organization. Equip users with versatility to drill down into the finer details, like campus, departments, and funding, to inform activities like bid writing and recruitment.

Data-driven tools to initiate value-added workflows

Facilitate users to proactively enhance the learning experience by tracking user engagement, timetabling extra support classes, and scheduling additional CPD courses from a single central point.

Interactive dashboards for enhanced insight

Visualize data from activities like assessments and course completions against a range of metrics (attendance, class, student-to-teacher ratio) to identify trends and drive improved outcomes.

Real-time analytics and predictive analysis

Compare metrics, like student enrolment and drop-out numbers, with those from previous semesters and academic years to help inform attraction and retention strategies, staffing, and budget allocation.

Empowering a sector to self-serve

Our dashboards are built with users’ needs at the forefront of design. That means teachers are empowered to move away from arduous administrative tasks and get on with the jobs really at hand. Learners can view and understand a host of information relating to their educational progress, supporting them to achieve in their studies.
Scheduled reporting and alerting
Visualization of data
Predictive insights
Fully embedded into your SaaS app
User-friendly navigation
Self-serve dashboards
White-labelled & customizable
No development necessary
Rapid deployment

Practical workflows for pragmatic support

Data can be analyzed and actioned at speed into practical workflows that help enhance educational outcomes. Analytics is not the only element we embed in your platforms. By giving users the data they need on dashboards that make it easy to interpret, you encourage them to spend more time on your Edtech platform.
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Data that integrates into the heart of your SaaS app

Integrating our analytics and reporting tools directly into Edtech SaaS apps provides powerful visualization tools that are easy to apply to a range of datasets, with zero training required for your users.

We help vendors deliver information to the core of school, college, and university workflows, allowing them to action decisions that are responsive and relevant in a habitually time-pushed sector.

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Ensuring data protection and security take priority

Personal and sensitive information are abundant in the education sector, and it’s imperative that Edtechs have the most stringent approach to data protection.

Data security is as much our priority as it is yours. Embedding Pi analytics into your SaaS app ensures that no data is moved. Our solution queries data at the source, adding an additional level of security to sensitive information within your platform.
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Supporting compliance to data security

Adjustable authorization permissions settings

Multi-factor authentication

Customizable user levels

What our customers think

Document Logistix

"Ultimately, Panintelligence gets the end users to spend more time in our product because that's the way they access all of their reporting. So it’s great for our business as it brings people more into our technology suite."

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"With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting."

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"We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool."

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The ai Corporation

"Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before."

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"Panintelligence’s expertise and support with rapidly integrating the software meant they have become like an extension of our own development team during the lockdown."

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Winn Solicitors

"Having the ability to send reports via Panintelligence is allowing us to remove existing reports from other products. By moving them into Panintelligence it keeps all of our data uniformed and in one place."

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White Label Loyalty

"We can now make decisions based on live data thanks to Panintelligence. It’s provided us with a solution that helps our clients understand their customers’ behaviour on a more granular level."

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Edtech FAQ

Questions about Pi? Find the answers here.

What makes Panintelligence the right partner for Edtech?

The education sector is increasingly becoming used to being able to self-serve. By embedding our analytics directly into your Edtech, you are further empowering your customers to self-serve a variety of data that’s accessed quickly and easy to interpret.

Why should my Edtech solution use embedded analytics over legacy analytics tools?

When analytics are embedded into your Edtech, you remove the need for your user to learn to use something new. Integrated analytics delivers information to the heart of the workflow, making data actionable at the task in-hand with very little user training required.

How can we trust Panintelligence’s embedded analytics with large amounts of Edtech data?

Panintelligence started out as an internal solution for a leading payment gateway provider, so our platform has been built to be compliant and secure from day one. Our range of advanced security features make our solution robust, reliable, and responsive to data protection changes in the education sector.

How long does it take to embed Panintelligence’s analytics and reporting into education SaaS?

We can rapidly deploy our dashboards into your Edtech SaaS in a matter of days. Get in touch with our specialists to learn how you can start to accelerate your product today!

Discover the benefits of rapid and secure embedded analytics

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