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Sector: SportTech


With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting."
Jonny Turner
Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Sport:80

About Sport:80

Sport:80 was founded in 2012 by Jonny Turner (Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder) and Gary Hargraves (Chief Executive) off the back of the London Olympics. They provide a business management tool for 60 sports national governing bodies based in the UK, Ireland, and the US.

Ultimately, sports organizations need to generate revenue so they're not so reliant on public funding. They also need to offer ways to help with membership growth and earning money from their members.

The Sport:80 platform handles everything from CRM, memberships, and event registration to finance management, compliance, and all other back-office tasks; this helps national governing bodies grow their businesses and become more sustainable, helping sports to prosper. Sport:80 has grown significantly over the past three years, and they anticipate further growth in the coming years as more sports companies rely on technology to boost efficiencies.

How Panintelligence helps Sport:80's clients

Sport:80 works with several partners, such as Panintelligence, to give sports organizations access to the best software at a much lower cost than if they were to do it themselves.

The Panintelligence product has become central to Sport:80's promotional pushes, and they can work closely with their team to create bespoke reporting tools. For example, with the help of Panintelligence, Sport:80 are replicating a dashboard that the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee provides on an annual basis to each national governing body to allow them to record data on diversity, ethnicity, and inclusivity.

Sport:80 created a dashboard that, with a few clicks of a button, automates the production of the numbers that need to go into those forms. Currently, this takes national governing bodies hours, if not days, every year, so it means they can improve reporting back to those bodies. They're also creating a visual dashboard that allows organizations to see data relating to diversity and inclusivity easily. Sport:80 also automates the audit and compliance requirements for many governing bodies and uses all of Panintelligence's pi dashboards for this. Sport:80 uses the pi capabilities as it's more advanced than what Sport:80 can achieve in its platform.

Sport:80 are now also starting to figure out how they provide business intelligence. Creating dashboards will enable the national governing bodies to drill into their data in a way that they've never been able to do before. For example, they can look at their highest-performing customers by spending and see when and where that money is coming in and whether it's new or returning spend. Sport:80 expects to see increasing demand for this intelligence over the next year.
“With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting.”
Jonny Turner
Chief Operating Officer and Co-founder, Sport:80

Why Sport:80 chose to buy rather than build in-house

Sport:80's company mission is to build a community of national governing bodies. Sport is a small industry, and word of mouth is more powerful than anything. Ultimately, they want to serve their community's needs in the way they deserve, and Sport:80 alone could not build all the things they need themselves. 

By working with technology partners such as Panintelligence, Sport:80 can offer sports organizations access to the best technologies at a lower price. It means Sport:80 can focus on its product and offering, partnering with other companies that they believe to be best in class and that it can integrate within its platform. Their biggest client is USA Track and Field. Sport:80 have been very upfront with them about working with third-party software providers to get access to the best analytics.

What made Sport:80 choose Panintelligence rather than another data analytics provider

Sport:80 is a small business, and costs are significant to them. They like that Panintelligence offers flexibility, and they have been able to come up with an agreement that mutually works. Deployment options are also beneficial for Sport:80 – mainly because they don't have to move data outside their VPC.

The ability to load parameters from user config so they could re-use data models and charts between all their clients without re-building everything each time was another key selling point for Sport:80.

Finally, the rapid time to live and value was another main reason for Sport:80 choosing Panintelligence. As an agile business, they like to offer developments to their clients as soon as they can without any delays.

Next steps for Sport:80

The long-term vision for Sport:80 is to expand beyond national governing bodies to other companies. Ultimately, they're a membership management solution and offer a very flexible product, so the opportunities are endless. Panintelligence will undoubtedly play a big part in helping Sport:80 grow as they target more sectors over the coming decade.
Sport:80 embedded analytics


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