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Empowering Retailtech through embedded analytics

Actionable insights designed to drive growth and improve decision-making tailored to your retail customer needs.

Transforming retail Business Intelligence

Retail sales offer huge amounts of data and insights, meaning Retailtechs have a huge opportunity to integrate BI analytics into their solutions to allow their customers to drill down into the data collected.

Retailers are searching for a Retailtech that will give them the power to view their data differently, in a way that drives value. Our embedded, white-labelled solution will put you one step ahead in a complex marketplace.

The numbers

$6.51 trillion

Projected online retail sales in 2023*


Proportion of ecommerce sales in relation to total retail sales*

Easy embedding for serious SaaS

Marketing, analysis, forecasting, and inventory control. This is just a small selection of how BI dashboards can benefit your end users. By better understanding customers, competition, and product lines, retailers can gain a more multifaceted understanding of their business and action data-driven decisions.
Simple, rapid integration
DevOps/API controls
Fully customizable
Aligned with SaaS vendor's data security models
Security within a multi-tenanted platform
Authorization and authentication settings
Self-service dashboard
Scheduled reporting and alerts

Speed to market

Our embedded analytics dashboards are built by SaaS, for SaaS, and we understand the need for rapid deployment. Embedding our solution involves no long development roadmaps and is designed with accessibility in mind through the use of low-code for you and no-code for your customers. Making applications as simple as possible to reduce training time.

Our tools are rapidly deployable, secure, and scalable, meaning you can focus on your product roadmap and ensure it’s the right market fit.
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Secure SaaS

Data breaches in Retailtech can lead to identity theft and fraud. But at Panintelligence, our long history working in retail and financial sectors means we understand that security should be at the centre of your solution. Our solution makes it easy for you to safeguard sensitive data by keeping data centralized in your infrastructure and querying at the source.

Our embedded analytics BI platform supports adjustable authorization permissions settings, authentication, and user levels. The purpose-built nature of our solution offers you an agile, reliable, and secure addition to your software that is also multitenant.
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Designed to aid your users

Support smart supply chains
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Future forecasting

Support smart supply chains

Juggling stock control needs can be one of the most time-consuming jobs your retail customers face. Embedding dashboards into your solution means your users can take actions such as setting up automated alerts before key stock runs low.
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Get More from Marketing

Our detailed dashboards will uncover what retailers end customers are responding to the most when it comes to in-store POS. Predictive analytics can then utilise shopper data to predict the future trends shoppers will be most interested in and give a head start on marketing strategy.
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Future Forecasting

Trend forecasting is at the heart of successful retail. Your users will be looking for a Retailtech which can help them future-proof their business, and Panintelligence’s Pi platform allows you to offer just that. Using a historic regression algorithm, your Retailtech will be able to define influencing factors to pinpoint future trends.
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What our customers think

Document Logistix

"Ultimately, Panintelligence gets the end users to spend more time in our product because that's the way they access all of their reporting. So it’s great for our business as it brings people more into our technology suite."

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"With Panintelligence, we’re able to do things that we might have had to wait another two years to do in our own product because of resource and cost. It’s all really exciting."

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"We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool."

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The ai Corporation

"Through Panintelligence, we now have access to data that we can interact with to give us insights we’ve never had. We can filter data, break it down, and look at it in different ways that we’ve never been able to do before."

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"Panintelligence’s expertise and support with rapidly integrating the software meant they have become like an extension of our own development team during the lockdown."

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Winn Solicitors

"Having the ability to send reports via Panintelligence is allowing us to remove existing reports from other products. By moving them into Panintelligence it keeps all of our data uniformed and in one place."

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White Label Loyalty

"We can now make decisions based on live data thanks to Panintelligence. It’s provided us with a solution that helps our clients understand their customers’ behaviour on a more granular level."

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Retailtech FAQ

Questions about Pi? Find the answers here.
*Statista: Estimated value of the in-store and e-commerce retail sales worldwide from 2022 and 2026

How user friendly are Panintelligence’s dashboards?

Implementing and using Pi doesn’t require any technical expertise and is designed to be self-service. Our solution is designed in a way that your customers will be able to visualise data with ease.

Why should we choose to work with Panintelligence instead of building in-house?

Working with Panintelligence is the best decision you’ll make. It will give you the freedom to really innovate through the use of our tech and deploy a new service in rapid time, saving valuable dev resources.

What do you offer in terms of customization?

We are fully customisable, and that means we can implement new and interesting functionality, ensuring that you stay unique and competitive in the market.

What can Retailtechs offer by integrating Pi?

We can add value in many ways, from POS, and visual merchandising, to analyzing CCTV data to see how people move around the store.

Discover the benefits of rapid and secure embedded analytics

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