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Interactive BI Embedded Reporting for SaaS

The ultimate BI tool that produces the right insights at the right time

With our business intelligence reporting software, you can easily create stylised and automated reports straight from your dashboards. Ensuring you get the right actionable insights at the right time have never been easier with our business intelligence platform.

Embed analytics in your app for a competitive advantage

Unleash the power of pi, the ultimate business intelligence reporting tool for all your needs.

  • Enhance your existing operation with minimal resources
  • Provide your customers with everything they need to be efficient and effective
  • Reduce the time it takes to drive actionable insights with interactive reporting for SaaS Vendors.
  • Use pi’s intuitive reporting dashboard to visualise your real time data
  • Choose which users can have access to your data streams
  • Make well-informed decisions to deliver greater success
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Why choose pi’s BI analytics and reporting tools?

Our data reporting software for SaaS allows you to include graphs and data that can be automatically updated and personalised with your own annotations and scheduled to the minute.

Our White Label Reporting Dashboard, Tailored to Your Needs

Our business intelligence system provides a white label reporting solution that can be fully customised to tailor your needs.

Reports can be automated based on specific triggers and, with user-based role restrictions, people only see what they need to in real time. Keeping them informed of any changes, our BI solution monitors metadata and highlights when triggers are hit.

With pi’s analytics and business intelligence reporting tools, triggered reports drive app users back into your app so they can drill down into more detail if they need to, encouraging usage adoption.

"...remember that data can be monetised - not by selling it, but by enriching it, turning it into something meaningful and untapping insight that customers may not otherwise ever unlock. And in this respect, vendors are sitting on a goldmine."

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Modern, scalable and modularized 

Only deploy what your customers need, with the option to add different modules as you scale. Our metered usage technology means you only ever pay for what you use.
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Seamless integration for your development teams

Why use your valuable development resource to embed analytics? Seamlessly integrate our low code solution into your existing stack with minimal time from your development team.
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Aligned with your data security model

Your role-based permissions and restrictions drive user capability and data visibility. Because pi is integrated into your data stack, pi never moves your data, ensuring full data integrity and governance.
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Unified brand experience for your customers

You’ve invested time and effort in your brand and customer experience, so pi is fully customisable to fit right in and make your customers instantly feel at home.
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Designed for your stack

Multiple cloud deployment options from private containers to public cloud. pi has a deployment option that will align with your DevOps infrastructure.
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Embed analytics into the foundation of your application

Drive greater insight by embedding analytics within your application workflows, allowing your users to focus on the right information at the right time.
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