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Sector: EdTech


We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool."
Paul Shepphard

About Simitive

Simitive helps universities manage their operations to enable them to run more efficiently. The funding model that universities previously adhered to altered. Because of this, they had to pivot and change from a predominately UK government funding model. Now, universities are primarily funded by students and have lost research funding as a result of Brexit. Because of this, universities need to become more efficient and more effective in everything they do going forward.

There are strict limitations on the time and tasks universities can give academics to support growing student numbers. A software management solution such as Simitive helps universities effectively match up all the activities they are trying to fulfill with the resources they have.

Why Simitive partnered with embedded analytics provider: Panintelligence

Simitive aggregate and create a large amount of data. A university using Simitive may generate in the region of 170 million financial transactions. Try exporting all that to a spreadsheet! Simitive needed a better way of analyzing and visualizing the data; this is why they began to look into analytics solutions.

Simitive engaged with a several companies but found that Panintelligence was the only one who understood what they were trying to achieve and had significant experience in software as a service (SaaS) in a way that none of the others did.

What Simitive like about Panintelligence is the joint approach to problem solving and being able to lean very heavily on the teams in-depth knowledge of data visualization.

Ken Miller and the team have worked with Simitive to advise and guide them on what they want to achieve and what is the next step in excelling in their product. Also, because the Panintelligence pi platform can embed into their systems, the partnership commercially made sense.
“We have a roadmap of an additional five products we want to launch over the next five years. Each one will have Panintelligence’s pi embedded tool.”
Paul Shepphard

How universities use Simitive  

Academic workload

Firstly, universities use Simitive to understand the specifics regarding academic workload. Universities can see what their academic staff are doing and where they're spending their time. They can analyze data relating to the entire university to look for trends about what is happening across the workforce.

Understanding cost

In terms of cost, universities can see where all their expenditure is going. They can drill down at an organizational and departmental level to see where their income and costs are coming from. As well as this, universities can drill further down to the course and module level and see which are positive contributors and which are not. They also have insight into cost per student.

Universities get a clear picture of the above because of the Panintelligence pi dashboard, which is embedded directly within the Simitive software.


Panintelligence also allows Simitive to offer forecasting tools to its university customers. Universities can use their software to forecast and plan for future academic years. They can add new modules or courses and model increased student intake. The Panintelligence platform will show universities how many staff they need to deliver additional activities.

The data can be pulled into the costing system to visualize the financial impact. Professional staff and academics expect to see data in a format that is easy to digest, so working with Panintelligence is imperative to the Simitive business offering moving forward.

Next steps for Simitive

The feedback Simitive has received has been overwhelmingly positive. One university has fed back to say that its more efficient now than ever before.

Panintelligence has helped Simitive to create a product that is secure, transparent, rapid, and easy to use. They have a roadmap of an additional five products that they want to launch over the next five years; each will have the Panintelligence pi platform embedded within it.

Simitive also plans to extract data from their current modules into a consolidated data warehouse with the help of pi and machine learning. Universities are increasingly conscious of offering students value for money.

Simitive can help universities to see the characteristics of modules or degrees that lead to employability and offer students the best value for money. For example, do students get better value for money through online, in-person or hybrid learning? Simitive can help universities understand this data and give them a blueprint for how they should structure their courses in the years ahead.
Simitive case study


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