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Why choose pi? What our customers love about us.

From Fintech to DocuTech, EduTech to InsurTech, law firms to logistics firms – pi now counts more than 400 happy customers, including an increasing number of SaaS businesses who are offering pi’s powerful BI tools to their own clients.

But don’t just take our word for it...

Here we share some [not so] humble pi on what our clients love most about our business intelligence, prediction and analytics tools.

Adding Value & Revenue.

Enable your clients to gain valuable BI insights – boosting their bottom lines (and yours). Past, present and future data insights can be embedded seamlessly into your application in just a few days. Pull together disparate sources of data to deliver a bird’s eye view in a customisable format. All without writing a single line of code.

  • "Our customers have been asking us for the ability to look at their data in a number of 
    different ways such as by region, engineer or product. Panintelligence has enabled 
    us to match our customers' requirements and put all of this information at their fingertips."
    Paul Sparkes, Marketing and Business Development Director,
  • "Tai and PanIntelligence have a mutually rewarding relationship that allows us to present 
    incredible value for our end Clients, something with which they would agree. They are 
    already seeing a return on investment."
    James Quickfall Commercial Director, Europe,
  • "We wanted a tool which was easy to use, provided customers with insight, and at a glance 
    showed them how we were performing against our contracted SLAs. We fell in love with
    the panintelligence dashboard and decided that this was the tool we needed. "
    Tim Mason, Head of Management Information,
  • "The efficiency gains from ending the report writing and manipulation cottage industry 
    has probably paid for the software itself, even before you look at the downstream real 
    business benefits."
    Richard Williams, CIO,
  • "Panintelligence business intelligence dashboard software allows us to provide services to 
    our clients in the most efficient way possible, and for brokers to make better decisions on 
    a daily basis."
    James Noble, CTO,
  • "Panintelligence’s interactive reporting and dashboard solution will support our goal to 
    offer truly streamlined document solutions to our clients, and enable them to drive 
    innovation and improve business performance. "
    Michael Fernandes, Business Manager,
  • "Why did we decide to work more closely with Panintelligence? Because a strong collaborative 
    partnership with aligned interests and a compelling Business Intelligence proposition to 
    the market will generate significantly more revenue for both businesses. "
    Nigel James, Sales Manager,
  • "It gives us an added value as a business because it can integrate with so many other solutions, 
    not just the Sage market. It means we can close the sale because we're not having to look 
    at disparate systems - it all works as one solution."
    Sentley Wilson, Sales Manager,
  • "As Panintelligence have an excellent dashboard solution and are very helpful and easy to work 
    with, we decided to partner with them to enhance our product and help customers access 
    important real-time data, see trends and drive benefits more quickly. "
    Nick Fernando, MD,
  • "The real time reporting, chart and report variations, clear dashboard, along with the 
    data it allows us to deliver to customers to make up to date, informed decisions, make it a fantastic solution."
    Kevin Canetti, Technical Director,
  • "Giving merchants a tool that allows them to slice and dice their data has greatly reduced 
    the number of queries distracting our risk team from fraud detection."
    Jackie Barwell, Fraud Product Management,
  • "We use Panintelligence to help visualise data, including trends and patterns. This helps us 
    very easily explain to clients what it going on and also helps the client make accurate, data-driven 
    decisions. We quickly realised that Panintelligence would help us quickly display complex data, 
    while also helping us create bespoke charts for clients with very specific KPIs. "
    Joshua Jenkins, Software Developer,
  • "The offering from Panintelligence allows us to centralise the data in easy to view dashboards, 
    which enables efficient monitoring and, in turn, will drive profitability. "
    Clint Milnes, Head of Change Management,
  • "We had a number of clients with complex reporting requirements that we couldn’t 
    properly resolve even with developing SQL reports. The PanIntelligence solution was 
    capable of giving the required results with very little effort. This ability has resulted in our 
    clients regaining their confidence in both ourselves and Sage."
    Ray Ryan, Director,
  • "Pi have given us the ability to provide our customers data back to them in logical formats. 
    We use it as a tool to add value to our services by empowering our customers."
    Richard Webb, National Sales Manager,

Superb Functionality: Easy installation and simple-to-use, flexible BI tools.

We've built pi specifically for SaaS teams looking to speed up their analytics roadmap. Our embedded data analytics software can be used by anyone. Easily configure BI dashboards, reports and predictive models in one embedded platform. pi is no code software, fast to embed and deploy. Shave months off your roadmap schedule.
  • "Once you’ve seen it you cannot possibly live without it. There are few software 
    products I get excited about but this is definitely one of them."
    Tim Cowell, Technical Director,
  • "Easy to get started with out of box charts and easy to add quick customisations. Intuitive 
    GUI means that end users can easily make changes to their charts without needing to wait for consultancy time."
    Chris Housecroft, Business Analyst,
  • "The flexibility that the pi Dashboard and pi Reports solutions allowed for our own 
    customisation purposes and that of our customers, made choosing Panintelligence an 
    easy choice. This alongside the variety of deployment options reassured us that we’d made 
    the best decision."
  • "Pan Intelligence has incredible predictive analytics; Great embedded which has been 
    the easiest to setup so far compare to other BI products we used. Creating dashboards 
    hasn't been easier. "
    Urszula Kilvert (Zajkowska), Senior Business Intelligence Consultant,
  • "Pan provide a simple to use but wide in scope web based BI tool. We find it flexible, 
    comprehensive and it adds a lot of value and complements our incumbent in built reporting 
    Guy Burton
  • "The Panintelligence solution is allowing us to share information across different teams, 
    very simply, by allowing certain users access to certain dashboards this is also benefitting 
    us with project collaboration. "
    Jason Field, Account Manager,
  • "If someone were to ask me about partnering with Panintelligence, it’s worked out fantastic 
    for us. They have been a very good organisation to work with, an excellent product and it 
    does deliver."
    Andy Kershaw, Service Manager,

Industry leading customer service and support (with a personal touch).

We recognise the value in enabling your teams early in the process to understand the technology, market proposition and its fit with your own. We pay particular attention to the first 12 months, offering a structured evaluation project. We want to ensure our partners can go to market quickly so they can see a quick return on their investment.

  • "We chose Panintelligence not only because they have a market-leading and intuitive 
    solution, but because they’ve also repeatedly demonstrated themselves to be a true partner."
    Bob Anderson, CEO,
  • "PanIntelligence is a serious competitor to other products, but with a better approach 
    to customer engagement and an intelligent understanding of what the product can achieve."
    Ray Johnston, Head of Pre Sales,
  • "We were looking for a business partner that we could work with that was a similar size to ourselves. 
    Where we could have a relationship. With our previous BI tool we were working with a much bigger
    multinational organisation so we were a small cog. We didn't really have a relationship with them. 
    It was really very difficult to build a relationship with a multinational company.

    Panintelligence know about the solution and understand what you are trying to do with it. It's a 
    close-knit team that want to make the product successful and believe very highly of the product. "
    Kevin Canatti, Technical Director,
  • "Their service is so good for us as a reseller. We know that we can count on them to get back 
    to us quickly, to respond to our queries, to answer any questions we may have which is 
    invaluable in terms of partners."
    Matthew Wilson,
panintelligence is a leader in Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Europe Analytics Platforms on G2
panintelligence is a leader in Mid-Market Embedded Business Intelligence on G2
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panintelligence is a leader in Data Visualization on G2

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