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Considering Power BI? Say hello to Panintelligence

There are lots of business intelligence solutions to choose from, such as Power BI. Microsoft BI tools are popular, but what if there was a game-changing solution that gave you more for less?

Say hello to Panintelligence.

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pi anayltics

MS Power Bi vs Panintelligence: The Best BI Tool

Panintelligence is the ultimate advanced analytics BI tool, that is changing the rules of data analysis techniques. pi solutions include a self-service digital dashboard, automatic embedded reporting and predictive analysis all within one, easy to embed, white labelled system. Our BI data platform outperforms any competition, including Microsoft Power BI solutions, providing the most in-depth data insight.

To us customers are partners, and we help their decision-support systems with our best no code analytics tool. Our customers say they chose us over MS Power BI because we support them with any challenges, we provide better value, and we’re the best BI solution on the market.

"Panintelligence is a serious competitor to other products, but with a better 
approach to customer engagement and an intelligent understanding of 
what the product can achieve."
Ray Johnston, Head of Pre Sales
Eurobase International

Panintelligence v Power BI

Comprehensive chart library
Simple web interface
Can connect directly to live data
Can be embedded
No need to understand SQL
Connect to multiple dataset
Formatted multi-item reports
Report scheduler
Trigger actions and alerts
No-code machine learning
“What if?” analysis
Does not move data from source
Advanced styling
Role based security
Full API control
Supports multi-tenancy

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