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Buyers’ guide to SaaS BI software: 9 questions SaaS vendors should ask about embedded analytics

Ken Miller Chief Technology Officer
Publish date: 16th March 2021

Anyone working in the SaaS business sector knows that data is the new oil. But how can you – as a SaaS vendor – help your clients to extract that oil, and unlock valuable business insights for themselves, and create an additional revenue stream for your SaaS business at the same time?

If you’re on the hunt to find the best SaaS business intelligence embedded analytics and prediction tools – aka SaaS BI – we recommend you ask the following questions:

1. Why should I add business intelligence tools to my SaaS platform?

2. How much does BI software cost?

3. What’s the ROI using BI software?

4. Will data used by BI tools be kept safe and secure?

5. Is the BI software self-serve and easy to use?

6. Can I white label the BI tools and embed them into my own software stack?

7. How easy is it to deploy the BI tools to my SaaS platform?

8. Does the BI software come with customer service and support?

9. What’s the cost of NOT providing BI intelligence and analytics functionality on my SaaS platform?

To help you in your journey of finding the best BI software for your SaaS business, we’ve answered these questions for pi BI software below.

Embedded Analytics Dashboard

1. Why should I add BI embedded analytics software to my SaaS platform?

By offering your clients BI tools, you’re adding serious, demonstrable value to your SaaS product.

Providing your customers with a best-in-class BI solution, whilst safeguarding security and quality standards, will enable your clients to monetise their own data; not by selling it – but by enriching it and turning it into something meaningful, that they may never otherwise unlock.

In this respect you – as a SaaS vendor – are sitting on a goldmine of business insights, that simply needs to be mined and analysed with BI software to unlock its value.

Pi allows your clients to mine that data, and in doing so, provides your SaaS business with a significant additional revenue stream.

Embeded Analytics Dashboard

2. Price: how much does business intelligence software cost?

Budget is one of the biggest factors in any decision to purchase BI software – so you need to do your research to ensure you’re getting value from your BI tool. When it comes to cost, pi prides itself in two areas:


Compared to other BI providers, Panintelligence offers a very well-priced product, significantly below legacy BI solutions, yet offering – we believe – a better product and better service.

Transparent pricing

Beware of Business Intelligence software providers that operate the ‘budget airline’ model of pricing where you pay for the basic service, but get hit with expensive add-ons, as soon as you require additional functionally, tools, or have increased data volumes.

Pi’s pricing is completely transparent. From the start, you know exactly how much you’ll spend with no nasty surprises later down the line.

View the Panintelligence pricing structure here.

ROI of BI software

3. What's the ROI of BI software?

As a SaaS vendor, adding BI tools to your product offering is a relatively easy and quick way to open a new revenue stream.

Typically our SaaS vendor clients enjoy a significant ROI when reselling pi to their clients. That’s why so many SaaS vendors are taking advantage of pi to boost their bottom lines, improve their own offerings, and ultimately keep their customers happy.

4. Will data used by BI tools be kept safe and secure?

The security of data is paramount these days therefore keeping your clients data safe should be a top priority.

With pi's safe and secure backend, client data is kept private. Unlike many other BI software solutions, pi doesn’t move or store data. Instead – it leaves the data where it is and only reads what it needs to, to provide you with powerful analytics tools.

This means pi completely avoids many of the problems associated with security and privacy because pi isn’t holding and saving users’ data. In a world of strict data compliance laws, this is another reason so many SaaS vendors are embedding pi for their data analytics needs.

data is kept secure

5. Is the BI software self-serve and easy to use?

For a BI tool to be truly useful, it needs to be very usable. You shouldn't need a PhD in statistics to be able to use the data your analytics software generates.

Pi excels in simple, ‘no-code’ functionality, making it extremely easy to build reports, visualisations, prediction models and charts. You don’t need to be a data scientist or a developer to use Pi. It’s designed for simplicity and speed, meaning anyone will be able use and to get value from it.

6. Can I white label the BI tools and embed them into my own software stack?

Being able to customise your embedded analytics tools to your own brand is great for SaaS platforms who are offering BI to their own clients.

Pi’s white-label BI functionality allows you to quickly and easily label our tools with your own branding, enabling you to create a seamless BI offering. The ability to white-label pi, and apply your client’s or your own branding to your business visualisations and reports is one of the biggest reasons why so many SaaS vendors love Panintelligence.

white label data dashboard

7. How easy is it to deploy the BI product to my SaaS platform?

Speed and ease of deployment is very important to factor in to your BI tool choice. You need to be quick to market and delays can be costly.

Pi is built to be quickly and easily embedded into your SaaS platform with minimal effort. Our ‘no code plug and play’ philosophy means rapid deployment and you can install, hook up to a cloud database and be analysing data within minutes.

Compare this to building in-house which takes years, and hundreds of thousands of pounds (we should know - we’ve done it!) not to mention the ongoing costs of maintaining and updating the software. Pi therefore offers a huge saving in both time and money compared to attempting to build and maintain your own BI analytics and prediction tools.

8. Does BI software come with customer service and support?

If you have questions or problems along the way, you'll want quick, friendly and effective support from your BI software provider.

Providing excellent support and service to our customers is integral to the Pi product. We offer email and phone support during business hours. See what our partners are saying about us: Panintelligence reviews.

9. What’s the cost of not providing data insights to your users?

If you’re NOT enabling your customers to extract and use their own data to get valuable insights – you can be sure that your competitors are. Failing to offer your customers the ability to gain value from the data your SaaS platform generates, means they are losing out on the significant value of that data, and therefore you’re preventing your customers from getting full value from your platform.

How long will your customers stay with you if you’re not providing them with the latest tools that enable them to use their own data to make smart business decisions?

Likely, they’ll soon move to a competing SaaS platform that does offer them BI analytics and prediction tools as part of the package.

Try pi: book your free Panintelligence trial now.

See what SaaS Vendors and other customers are saying by reading Panitelligence reviews and testimonials here.

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