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Case Study:


Sector: Workforce Management


Our customers love it. They’re super engaged and coming up with suggestions and feedback on how we can improve these dashboards further.” 
Alekhya Ankarapu
Product Manager, BigChange
BigChange was collecting 14,000 data points a minute and wanted to put it to work for their customers.
Panintelligence enabled BigChange to deliver self-service analytics dashboards, which make data accessible for all in near real-time.
Now BigChange offers its customers complete oversight of their operations at the touch of a button.

Better insights for a nation of trades

BigChange helps trade services firms to run more efficient operations. Its SaaS platform supports more than 2,000 companies in sectors like Fire and Security, Facilities Management, and Waste and Recycling.

The BigChange Job Management System combines CRM, scheduling and mobile monitoring to connect back offices, field teams and end customers.

It serves up digital job cards for field engineers, delivers panoramic views of workforce deployment to the back office, and allows every firm to run self-service booking portals for customers.

BigChange wanted to put its wealth of user data to work for its customers.
“BigChange generates around 14,000 points of data each minute. The challenge is helping customers to extract and analyse this information in a meaningful way.”
Alekhya Ankarapu
Product Manager, BigChange

Driving new growth

BigChange came to Panintelligence in 2022, to help it provide standard, customisable dashboards and self-serve analytics. Pi succeeded at turning customers’ data into actionable insights.

“We have a long history of digitising businesses for the first time, making powerful functionality accessible and easy to adopt.” says Alekhya, “Panintelligence does just that, with an intuitive and effective analytics tool. It's another way we’re offering our customers an edge and remaining the partner of choice for the trades.”

BigChange deployed nine dashboards in 2023: Job Performance, Customer Service, Sales Opportunity, Invoices Due, Quotes, Resource Utilisation, Job Profitability (for both individual and grouped jobs) and Job Time Adherence.

The dashboards deliver complete oversight of operations at the touch of a button, and performance against KPIs in real time. It helps BigChange customers manage requests quickly, identify bottlenecks and problem customers, and find new areas of profitability.

BigChange demystifies the world of dashboards, showcasing how Panintelligence helps turn data into actionable insights for their customers:
"We have a long history of digitising businesses… making powerful functionality accessible and easy to adopt. Panintelligence does just that.”
Alekhya Ankarapu
Product Manager, BigChange
BigChange used Panintelligence’s white-label functionality to deploy the dashboards as a seamless extension of its existing system.

Alekhya continues, “Our customers love it. They’re super engaged and coming up with suggestions and feedback on how we can improve them further.”

A roadmap of self-serve analytics

BigChange plans to implement a final dashboard before the end of 2023, for a total of ten.

“The team is excitedly working on more,” says Alekhya, “We want to get as many standard dashboards as possible to cover at least 90% of our customer’s requirements.”

While the insights are embedded seamlessly, the company will work with Panintelligence to expand options for customisation.

Alekhya continues, “We’re planning to offer a design capability to our more data-savvy customers so they can create their custom dashboards without reliance on BigChange.”


Workforce Management
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