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Posts by: Deana Alridge

Deana Alridge, Marketing Manager
Embedded Analytics

Descriptive Analytics vs Predictive Analytics: A Practical Guide

Explore the differences between predictive analytics and descriptive analytics including benefits and how they can impact business decisions.
Data visulization

5 Best BI Practices for Better Data Reports

When BI reports have been set up correctly, new insights can be gleaned from data, and organizations are in a stronger position to optimize their strategies. We explore 5 best BI practices for better data reports.
Embedded Analytics

What Business Intelligence Features Does Your SaaS Business Need?

We explore the Business Intelligence features that are invaluable in the context of business growth.
Embedded Analytics

4 Types of Advanced Data Analytics to Improve Decision-Making

How can advanced data analytics improve the decision-making process? Here are the 4 types of advanced data to make better business decisions.

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