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How to launch embedded analytics to your customers

Zandra Moore Chief Executive Officer
Publish date: 11th January 2023

It is essential to start thinking about your launch strategy early on in your development process. Inevitably, there will be a checklist of communications needed to help generate hype around the new embedded analytics feature and aid with it's launch.

Below, we take a look at some of the things to think about.

A concise 'what's new' video

A great way to quickly show the new integration is via the use of video. Typically, if you can keep your video to under 3 minutes and use it to explain the new embedded analytics feature in a concise way, it can be a powerful engagement medium that can be shared across multiple marketing channels.

Engage your customers in the process

Never underestimate the power of your customers and involve them in early beta stages of your new analytics & BI capability. Encouraging early buy-in generates excitement and helps you understand the additional value that it brings to your customers and they can help you make sure you get it right the first time.

Use case/examples

A use case illustrates how your new embedded analytics solution solves a particular pain point or scenario that your customers have.

Remember to include plenty of examples of how the new analytics and business intelligence dashboards and reports can be used. Get your customers thinking about how they can use these capabilities themselves and, ultimately, how this will solve their pain points and add value.

Demonstrating the value

Can you identify and clearly demonstrate the value that the new features create? Are there immediate tangible benefits? If you can show and explain the value for your customers, the more likely you are to get early adoption and usage.

Great looking dashboards

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words! Take time to ensure your dashboards look great, incorporate your own colour palette, and tell a story about the data. Creating a seamless brand experience will engage your users with white-labelled dashboards and reports.

Blog posts

Blog posts are a great way to keep your customers updated about upcoming new features in your app. You can also create a series over the lifetime of the development, documenting updates and new releases over the weeks, months and years.

Here are some potential topics to blog about:

  • Why are we delivering embedded analytic dashboards and reports?
  • What value will the embedded analytics feature bring?
  • Customer quotes on the upcoming new analytics feature
  • Benefits of analytics in the heart of your user’s workflows

Customer quotes/case studies

Customer quotes are a great way to show off how great your dashboards and reports are and the benefits they will bring. They can be used on different marketing channels, in particular social media, to show prospects the benefits of embedded analytics in your app, giving you a competitive edge when you launch.

Customer update webinar

Look to keep your customers up to date with the progress of your embedded analytics and business intelligence project. In addition to providing valuable information, a customer update webinar is also an opportunity to build excitement about the upcoming new feature launch and answer any specific questions or queries your customers may have. Remember to record the webinar, as this  can be a valuable resource to promote your new analytics at launch.

Training and support

Provide training and support: It's important to provide training and support to your customers to help them get up to speed with the new feature. This could include written documentation, video tutorials, or even in-person training sessions.

Progressive roll out

Depending on the size of your customer base, you may want to consider rolling out the feature gradually. Progressive roll out can help you to iron out any issues that may arise and ensure that your support team is able to handle any questions or issues that your customers may have.

In conclusion

Your launch strategy will be instrumental in gaining adoption from your customers and showing them the benefits of embedded analytics. So, taking the time to plan from the development stage will be essential in it’s success. The ideas we outlined are only the start of what’s possible but we hope this helps you when planning for your launch.

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Zandra Moore, Chief Executive Officer Zandra Moore is a passionate tech leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. As co-founder and CEO of SaaS software firm Panintelligence, she leads a team focused on delivering analytics into the heart of SaaS applications, enabling users access to key information at the right moment and with the right focus. She has been at the forefront of enabling more women in tech. Zandra founded Lean In Leeds and is an active member of WILD (Women in Leeds Digital), both UK organisations focused on increasing female representation in tech companies. She is also a founding member of the UK Government's taskforce for diversity in fast growth companies.View all posts by Zandra Moore
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