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Panintelligence Named a 2023 AWS Partner Award Finalist

Publish date: 28th November 2023

Panintelligence recognized as Rising Star Partner of the Year (ISV) – EMEA finalist, one of many AWS Partners around the globe that help customers drive innovation.

Las Vegas, NV – November 27, 2023 – Panintelligence is excited to announce it is a finalist of a 2023 Geo and Global AWS Partner Award, recognizing leaders around the globe playing a key role helping customers drive innovation and build solutions on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Geo and Global AWS Partner Awards recognize a wide range of AWS Partners, whose business models have embraced specialization, innovation, and cooperation over the past year. Geo and Global AWS Partner Awards recognize partners whose business models continue to evolve and thrive on AWS as they work with customers.

Charlotte Bailey, Chief Operating Officer comments:"We are delighted to be acknowledged as a Rising Star Partner of the Year (ISV) – EMEA finalist. At Panintelligence, our customer-centric approach is at the forefront, and we're excited to celebrate the positive influence we've had in supporting customers' innovation and improvement."

For the first-year in a row, finalists were recognized as part of the data-driven award categories, which were comprised of a unique set of metrics that helped measure AWS Partners’ performance within the past year. The datasets used were audited by a third-party vendor, Canalys, to ensure that all measurements and calculations were objective and correct in nature. Finalists represent the top 3 ranked AWS Partners across any data-driven award set.

The AWS Partner Network (APN) is a global program focused on helping companies build successful AWS-based businesses or solutions by providing business, technical, marketing, and go-to-market support. The APN includes independent software vendors (ISVs) and systems integrators (SIs) around the world, with AWS Partner participation growing significantly during the past 12 months.

A panel of AWS experts selected the finalists based on strict criteria with third-party audit conducted by Canalys. Panintelligence is excited to announce it has been named a finalist for Rising Star Partner of the Year (ISV) – EMEA, recognizing an AWS Partner that has seen significant YoY growth in their business.

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