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Why choose embedded analytics over traditional business intelligence?

Zandra Moore Chief Executive Officer
Publish date: 9th February 2023

Embedded analytics is overtaking traditional business intelligence, and it's understandable why. Embedded analytics can fit any data model and is very flexible toward your needs. In this blog, we delve into pi's embedded analytics features and benefits; something to consider when choosing a provider, or weighing up traditional BI and embedded analytics.

So, why pi?

There are three specific factors that put pi, our embedded analytics solution, a cut above others. These are pi’s commitment to: security, brand, and accessibility. Let's take a closer look into each of these commitments below. 


Embedding pi into your data stack instantly aligns with your security model. The unique pi logic layer allows pi to query your data from any source with out to move ay data, export it or manipulate it in the platform therefore ensuring higher data protection and integrity. 


With pi, the dashboards are 100% customizable through white label software; this allows for a completely unified brand experience.  Users will enjoy a seamless brand experience and it ensures that your brand is at the heart of your product with the ability to customize every aspect of dashboards and reports. 


Pi embeds intuitive dashboards, interactive reports and predictive analytics into the heart of your application, all of which require low to no code for your users. Here at Panintelligence, we aim for everyone to have easy access to previously out of reach data. We understand data can become costly. To combat this, we operate meterage usage, which means you only ever pay for what you use. You can start with as much or as little as you like! We also adopt a modularized approach, which means that with your business growth and ever-changing needs, pi will develop with you. 

Why choose pi embedded analytics?

We are currently living in a time poor economic landscape. You are required to be agile and able to adapt quickly, often before you even realize that you need to. Pi makes adoption not only possible, but simple. You also don't have to compromise security or brand image in the process! It is in this crucial detail, the elasticity of its fundamental design, that embedded analytics far surpass traditional business intelligence. 

To put it simply…

Pi's embedded analytics solutions are a future proof way of improving security and user experience, all while maintaining a seamless brand experience. Pi embeds into your data stack, providing you instant interactive reports and predictive analytics, allowing you and your customers to have expert knowledge, without the knowhow. 

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Zandra Moore, Chief Executive Officer Zandra Moore is a passionate tech leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. As co-founder and CEO of SaaS software firm Panintelligence, she leads a team focused on delivering analytics into the heart of SaaS applications, enabling users access to key information at the right moment and with the right focus. She has been at the forefront of enabling more women in tech. Zandra founded Lean In Leeds and is an active member of WILD (Women in Leeds Digital), both UK organisations focused on increasing female representation in tech companies. She is also a founding member of the UK Government's taskforce for diversity in fast growth companies.View all posts by Zandra Moore
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