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Case Study:

Essential Healthcare

Sector: Healthtech


“What took us an hour to produce is now done almost instantly.”
Lucy Mathie
I.T. & Business Systems Support, Essential Healthcare

Essential Healthcare makes surfacing insights a piece of Pi

Lucy and her team spent entire days, each month, building custom SQL reports
Intelligent BI dashboards from Panintelligence cut this manual process out entirely
Now internal stakeholders get comprehensive reports they can easily interrogate for insights

Set the records straight

“Simply, we were struggling to produce reports in SQL in a timely or satisfactory way,” says Lucy Mathie, IT & Business Systems Support Manager at Essential Healthcare.

Lucy’s team was experiencing more and more requests from senior management to produce reports on customer usage and trends. Their existing process - which relied on SQL programming to produce reports manually - had several issues.

It was time-consuming, hamstrung by an inconsistent and unreliable dataset, and didn’t provide the illustrative graphs and visuals that Essential Healthcare wanted.

“We wanted to be able to provide something better and more comprehensive,” said Lucy, “without it being a full-time role for somebody to write those SQL reports. Panintelligence provided that capability with ease.”

Makes data clear

Essential Healthcare adopted Panintelligence’s intuitive business intelligence dashboards to surface insights for internal reporting faster and more efficiently, and to allow users to drill down into different data sets and patterns for a deeper level of analysis.

“What took us an hour to produce is now done almost instantly.” says Lucy.

But Essential Healthcare has found more profound value to Panintelligence’s data visualisation than just reporting.

Senior managers will run a report ‘with an idea of what’s wrong’, and Lucy’s team can quickly ‘fix’ the data if missing values or wild outliers occur. It’s also helping them assign value to different data sets for the first time.

“When you're looking at information in a table, just a load of lines and columns, we might think there’s value to that data,” says Lucy. “But in reality, it might not give us anything we're actually interested in. So, we can park irrelevant data and focus on where the meaningful insights lie.”

What’s next?

“We have a saying in IT - If we’re working, we're not doing our job properly! We should be relaxing while the networks are up, the software’s humming and everything is working fine,” says Lucy.

“Panintelligence has helped us reach the point where everybody can find the information they need, and they can interrogate, understand and trust it. It’s adding more value for customers and helping us plan better than ever. With powerful data at everyone's fingertips, I’m one step closer to putting my feet up!”
Essential healthcare internal reporting


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