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Why clinician accessibility is core to Healthtech software

Zandra Moore Chief Executive Officer
Publish date: 26th July 2023

The UK and US are driving forward the rapid growth of the Healthtech sector, which in 2019 represented a global market of approximately $350 billion.

Healthcare data is integral to the smooth running of the healthcare system, with the sector generating over a staggering 19 terabytes of clinical data alone each year. However, to continuously operate efficiently, clinical data must be accessible, accurate, and secure.

Clinical data

Healthtech has been developed to support various applications across the clinical pathway, many of which are more encompassing and capture patient data. Whether collating data from wearable devices or supporting patient medication adherence in a virtual ward environment. Healthtech is collecting mass amounts of data daily, with 30% of the world’s data volume being generated in this industry.

Healthtech applications are designed for sharing data across channels so that the wider healthcare system has readily available information at their fingertips to treat their patients. But right now, is the true value of the data being harnessed?

Although healthcare professionals are experts in their specialism, they are not data analysts. So, to ensure they get deep insight into their patient's health, it first needs to be made valuable.

At Panintelligence, we give that extra layer of value to your data. For example, if you were to have a patient dashboard entirely focused on patients who suffer from heart-related diseases, clinicians could gain an instant view of the heart rate data of all patients and those most at risk. Clinicians can drill deeper into the data available on that patient and click to see if their heart rate has spiked and decide if that patient needs to attend the clinic for observation. By converting this clinical data into an intuitive and self-serving platform, users can make more proactive decisions surrounding patient care.

Data accessibility and usability

Data accessibility plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality patient care. Easy access to healthcare data improves clinical workflow. However, it’s important that clinicians can utilize their patients' health data to make proactive decisions. To get the true value out of Healthtech data, it must be accessible to all in terms of easy-to-use and location to help support all clinical pathways.

The fast-paced environment of healthcare means clinical staff don’t have time to be analyzing data. Using our visual, user-friendly dashboard interface embedded into your SaaS application allows clinicians to explore their clinical data with ease. Our building blocks mean clinical staff have a user-friendly way to build insight into their patients. Users can rapidly drill into the data and customize their own dashboards depending on which data is most useful for them. Whether that’s looking at heart rates, blood pressure, surgical outcomes, or recovery times for patients, if the data is available, it can be converted into a dashboard. Panintelligence’s embedded dashboards and forecasting tools utilize a historic regression algorithm to allow users to learn more from their data.

Beyond this, our solution has been designed so users can gain access and insight into their data at any time from anywhere. In a survey, 95% of nurses owned a smartphone and 65% a tablet. With the rise in virtual wards, Pi has been engineered to be compatible with multiple devices.

Embedded Analytics built for Healthtech data

At Paninitelligence, we embed powerful analytics into your SaaS platform. Our Pi platform is continuously adapting to meet the demands of Healthtech applications that contain large and continuous streams of healthcare data. Embedding our analytics solution means Healthtech applications can rapidly provide new features to end users to remain highly competitive in an ever-changing landscape.

Our embedded analytics and BI dashboard solution is white-labelled and customizable, meaning it will seamlessly integrate into your existing application and can be easily adapted to all user requirements and needs. Whilst other SaaS vendors are already delivering accessible analytics to healthcare providers, don’t be left behind.

Get in touch with our experts or book a demo to unlock truly embedded analytics.

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Zandra Moore, Chief Executive Officer Zandra Moore is a passionate tech leader and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the technology sector. As co-founder and CEO of SaaS software firm Panintelligence, she leads a team focused on delivering analytics into the heart of SaaS applications, enabling users access to key information at the right moment and with the right focus. She has been at the forefront of enabling more women in tech. Zandra founded Lean In Leeds and is an active member of WILD (Women in Leeds Digital), both UK organisations focused on increasing female representation in tech companies. She is also a founding member of the UK Government's taskforce for diversity in fast growth companies.View all posts by Zandra Moore
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